Technology has come a long way for metal detecting. There is now fully wireless experience with Garrett Z-Lynk that can connect metal detectors, headphones, and pinpointers for a more private hunt. Let’s not forget the Quest Pro metal detector that connects to an app to keep track of the path and finds on a hunt automatically. Thankfully there are other apps available to work with all detectors, even if they aren’t fully integrated.



OnXmaps OnX Hunt GPS Maps

This has been talked about a few times on the blog. That’s because it is so important to be aware of property boundaries. Using the OnX Maps Hunt App shows where these lines are and what type of property it is. This allows you to ask for permission from private landowners and keep away from Federal land altogether.


Some federal property is used for conservation and as such digging on it is forbidden, even if you are allowed on it during designated times. Other property is used for military training and there isn’t always clear signs that exercises are happening until it’s too late. Even if there isn’t a training exercise going on, you can still end up in a lot of trouble if you are found on military installations without permission.  


iSmart Detect

This app is designed to track finds and share them easily with others. When you find something it’s as easy as snapping a picture to record the location. You can then as many notes as you would like for future reference. It uses Google maps to place markers when you do make a record of the find.  


Tect O Track

For an app that will track the path you walk, the location of finds, and storing pictures of finds with notes, check out Tect O Track. If you have a large permission and want to grid it well over time, the app shows what you have detected previously, and you can even change the color for even more organization. When you get a target it places a marker and allows you to take a picture and add notes right in the app. There is even the ability to export your data to use in Google Earth. This way you have another view of your hunts.



There are not many non-detector specific apps right now for the hobby but the ones out are good at what they do. Technology is ever evolving and it will be interesting to see app developers start to integrate it into future and new builds.