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Metal Detector Bundles

Shop all our metal detector bundles.

Gold Metal Detecting Bundle

The Gold Metal Detecting Bundle includes Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer, Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit, and Kellyco Red Finds Tube.

Underwater Metal Detecting Bundle

The Underwater Metal Detecting Bundle includes Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof Pinpointer, Gearkeeper Retractable Lanyard for Underwater Metal Detecting and Scuba Diving, and Kellyco Finds Pouch.

Relic Metal Detecting Bundle

The Relic Metal Detecting Bundle includes Andre's Pencils, Kellyco Brass Bristle Finds Brush with retractable leash, and Kellyco Finds Pouch.

Garrett ACE 300 Beginner Bundle

The Garrett ACE 300 Beginner Bundle includes the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector, Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Wireless Pinpointer, Kellyco Mesh Pouch, Kellyco gloves, and Radius Root Slayer.

Minelab Vanquish 340 Beginner Bundle

The Minelab Vanquish 340 Beginner Bundle includes Minelab Vanquish 340 Metal Detectors, Minelab Pro-Find 15 Pinpointer, Radius Root Slayer, Kellyco Gloves, and Kellyco Finds Pouch.


Weekly Features

Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B Metal Detector Standard Diver Kit with 8" Submersible Coil

One of the most powerful underwater detectors ever, the the AQ1B can detect objects up to a range of 10ft depending on the coil used.
SKU: AQ.1.020/2 us charger

Nokta Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector

Find more gold with the Nokta Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector. Includes 2 search coils, coil covers, headphones, and hip mount belt.
SKU: 10000608

Nokta Makro Gold Racer Pro Package Metal Detector

Be up for anything with the Nokta Makro Gold Racer Pro Package Metal Detector. The waterproof coil lets you search dry and wet areas.
SKU: 11000508

Striker Detectors z60 Metal Detector

Exclusive to Kellyco, the Striker z60 Metal Detector is lightweight, has a waterproof coil and easy-to-read digital screen.
SKU: z60

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Kellyco
Looking for a gift for the detectorist in your life? Are you the detectorist in your own life? (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a little something this holiday season!) Whoever it is you’re shopping for and whatever your budget is, you won’t go wrong with these gift ideas for the 2020 Kellyco Metal Detecting Holiday Gift Guide.
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New Arrivals

Striker Detectors z60 Metal Detector

Exclusive to Kellyco, the Striker z60 Metal Detector is lightweight, has a waterproof coil and easy-to-read digital screen.
SKU: z60

Garrett 8.5 x 11” Raider Multi-Flex DD Search Coil (Apex)

The Garrett 8.5 x 11” Raider Multi-Flex DD Search Coil turns your ACE Apex into a real hunter.
SKU: 2223700

Garrett 5 x 8" Ripper Multi-Flex DD Search Coil (Apex)

The Garrett 5 x 8" Ripper Multi-Flex DD Search Coil rips apart the competition and uncovers more targets.
SKU: 2223800

Mel Fisher Sterling Silver Single Prong 1 Reale Pendant - Cross-Out

These museum-quality recreations were made with 100% Atocha Silver from silver bar #85A-S948, which was recovered from the motherlode of the Spanish shipwreck,

Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector

Be among the first to own this vastly improved 2020 Garrett ACE Apex detector! Ships with a savage 6"x11" Viper search coil and optional MS-3 wireless headphones.

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Eagle Headphones



Eagle Headphones are a great option to keep as a backup pair, in your Everyday Carry Bag, or gift to a buddy.
SKU: 428

Vulcan 360 Pinpointer

The Vulcan 360 is a super-sensitive pointer with advanced electronics for quickly spotting those tiny, hard-to-locate treasures.
SKU: 64-8852V

White's Ground Hawg Shovel

The heavy-duty White's Ground Hawg Shovel tears through dirt, roots & gravel with ease. Includes sheath.
SKU: 601-0074

Coiltek 14 x 9" Elite Camo Monoloop Search Coil (SD / GP / GPX)

Flexible and versatile, this very reliable Coiltek 14 x 9" Elite Camo Monoloop coil is compatible with all Minelab SD, GP and GPX detectors.
SKU: C02-0014

onX Maps Premium 1 Year Subscription

onX Maps inform you as to where you are, who owns the land, and where you've been so you can come back again.

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The Best Metal Detectors and Metal Detector Accessories For Sale at Kellyco

Kellyco Metal Detectors has provided customers worldwide with the best metal detectors and accessories for over 65 years.

We offer the largest selection and best deals on metal detectors - guaranteed. Browse our top selling metal detectors for sale today!

Save Money and Find the Best Metal Detector for Hobby, Security, Industrial, and Professional Use

Kellyco Metal Detectors features only the very best treasure hunting equipment so that you can find coins, rings, jewelry and relics, both on land and underwater. From gold pans to metal detectors, we carry the best selling products on the market.

Check out a few of our top sellers such as the popular Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector & Minelab Equinox 800, the beach ready Minelab Excalibur II and find gold with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector. Be sure to check out the all-new Nokta Makro Simplex, an easy-to-use, budget-friendly metal detector that performs like an advanced metal detector.

Our extensive product line ranges from the biggest brands in metal detecting, gold prospecting, to industrial and security metal detectors. Check out more of our top metal detectors for sale by category:

Easily find our top metal detector accessories:

Need a new metal detector coil? What's the best equipment for silver, gold or even meteorite detection? Call or email us any time and we will help you learn what will work best for you.

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