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Pinpointer Metal Detectors

A pinpoint metal detector is an amazing tool that can be used by both beginner and experienced detectorists alike. This simple device allows you to laser in on that new discovery, and it does so without breaking the bank. After all, who doesn’t want to make life a bit easier even when uncovering that piece of treasure?

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What is a Pinpointer for Metal Detecting?

Your traditional metal detector will allow you to locate an item buried below ground, but the accuracy of the location will vary depending on the quality of your metal detector, and you will rarely hit that bullseye. However, that in itself need not be an issue as that is where a pinpoint metal detector comes into its own.

Digging a large area to uncover that treasure consumes both time and energy. Also, due to having only limited knowledge of where that elusive item lies, you run the real risk of inadvertently damaging the object. A pinpointer solves all of those problems by telling you more precisely where to start digging and it can do this even down to ½ an inch. 

This pocket-sized tool is not just your normal handheld metal detector. With models including an led light to help illuminate your search, an audio beep or buzzer vibration, along with increased sensitivity levels for those coins and jewelry, a pinpointer will become your go-to tool. Suddenly, finding that object that triggered your detector is made a whole lot easier thanks to your pinpointer.

Metal Detectors with Pinpointer

A number of brands of metal detectors will come with their own pinpointer included, but that’s not always the case. Thankfully, each manufacturer has realized that a pinpointer is an essential piece of kit. Even a relatively cheap pinpointer metal detector such as the garrett metal detector pinpointer will do a fantastic job, and it doesn’t even have to cost that much money.

From being water resistant, submersible and complete with its own 9v battery, this treasure hunting tool will just attach to your belt holster and you are good to go.

Best Pinpointer for Metal Detecting

A number of metal detectors come with a pinpointer included, but if your machine doesn’t, then Kellyco has you covered. We stock an array of waterproof pinpoint metal detectors with there being something available no matter your budget or experience. Of course, our team at Kellyco are also on hand to answer any questions you may have prior to making your purchase. 

But, what do we recommend for anybody starting out with metal detecting? 

Our product range covers both low and high-range items offering the perfect solution to those people who are perhaps unsure as to the effectiveness of a waterproof pinpointer. For us, we believe that having a pinpointer with different sensitivity settings is essential when searching for metal objects. Also, having a quick button press will certainly make life easier when operating the detector. 

With our range, we can advise you on those pinpointers more suitable for different terrain. Sand, clay or gravel is no match and with a scraping blade often included, your ability to then locate that object is made so much easier. If you wish to go out detecting, then we can match you up to your ideal pinpointer.

Waterproof Pinpointer and Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors

A waterproof pinpointer metal detector is the perfect solution for when you find yourself in watery conditions. The modern underwater pinpointer metal detector is capable of working to varying depths depending on the model. For example, the Garrett metal detector pinpointer works to a depth of 10ft, so nothing will prove to be too problematic.

Also, don’t be put off at the idea of purchasing a cheap pinpointer metal detector as even those models at the lower end of the price range come fully equipped with features. Your typical hand held metal detector pinpointer will be durable, have its own scraper tool, automatic tuning and also a lost alarm allowing you to locate it. With them being easy to use, these pinpointers are perfect even for those taking up metal detecting as a hobby. 

So, if you wish to make your detecting life easier with precise pinpointing, then consider investing in a hand-held pinpointer metal detector. Our staff are here to answer any questions you may have regarding ease of use or features depending on your needs. Simply call our customer service department and our highly-experienced metal detector experts will be there to guide you through your different options.

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