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Digging Tools

When you are using your metal detector to find metal objects, it is apparent that you will need some metal detecting specialized digging tools. These need to be lightweight, sharp, and durable, and there are many offerings that fit this bill on the market, with brands who specialize in digging tools, such as Lesche, to companies that primarily focus on producing metal detectors, such as Garrett, Fisher, and Minelab. Whether you are a beginner detectorist or you have been doing it for years, Kellyco is happy to provide a large variety of metal detector digging tools.

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What Are Digging Tools?

Digging tools specifically designed for treasure hunters come in many different varieties. There are several different types of digging tools, such as digging knives, shovels, trowels, and sand scoops. Each of these are designed with a different purpose in mind. Shovels are meant to be used in areas where the ground may be harder and you need a strong, sharp blade to get through roots and dry ground. Digging knives with serrated edges are meant to be worn in a holster on a treasure hunter’s hip and makes a perfect plug in the ground that will not harm the grass of lawns and parks. Trowels are meant to be used when you are trying hard not to mar the metal object in the ground and these come in both metal and plastic varieties. A sand scoop is meant to sift through sand on a beach so you can recover your buried treasure much more quickly. All of these digging tools serve a purpose for metal detectorists, and it is up to each person to determine what they need.

How to Choose the Best Digging Tools for You

When looking for a digging tool, you first must decide if you want a shovel, digging knife, trowel, or sand scoop. Hobbyists doing general metal detecting in parks or yards like to use digging knives, as these are lightweight and portable. Digging knives are used to create perfect plugs in the ground so that none of the grass is harmed. Each digging knife comes with different features, but most feature things like stainless steel construction, a holster, and right or left side serrations, making it easy for detectorists to pick exactly what they want.

Metal detectorists hunting in hard ground conditions or in areas where making perfect plugs matters less love using metal detecting shovels. These shovels come in a variety of blade types, serrations, and various handle types. From T-handle shovels to ball-handle shovels, there are so many options for these versatile treasure hunting diggers.

Trowels are excellent investments for those who are worried about hitting their targets with their knife or shovel. Trowels are often constructed from composite materials and feature comfortable handles. These are a great addition to any detectorist’s gear.

Sand scoops scoop a large amount of sand and then sifting through it to find the metal target. These often feature different types of handle and basket configurations for individual preferences. Picking out the best metal detector sand scoop can really speed up your target recovery time and make for a more enjoyable experience.

What Are the Best Digging Tools

While digging tools come down to personal preference, there are many products that are incredibly popular and beloved by our customers. When it comes to digging knives, one of the most popular is the Lesche Digging Tool. It comes with sharp serrations, a strong and durable blade, and a holster that is comfortable and lightweight. Garrett Metal Detectors came up with the Garrett Edge Digger, which rivals the Lesche in both quality and popularity. The Lesche Ground Shark is one of the best shovels on the market, combining quality and affordability. The White’s Metal Detectors Digmaster is an excellent option for a trowel, as it will cut through the ground easily, while remaining comfortable. Anyone looking for a sand scoop should consider RTG’s sand scoops, as they are made with excellent quality and have been around for years. No matter which digging tool you choose, it is a metal detector accessory that will make you more efficient and effective. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, as we would love to help you pick out the perfect digging tool for you.

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