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Metal Detector Headphones

Having the correct metal detector headphones while metal detecting is more important than most would imagine. Without them, you lose the ability to effectively block out external noises that could easily drown out those target signals. However, with a growing number of makes and models of metal detecting headphones to choose from, knowing what to look out for before making your purchase will be important.

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Metal detector headphones should meet certain criteria before they can be used by both professionals as well as eager metal detecting hobbyists. The option of simply using any old headphones you have lying around will very rarely suffice. Instead, the array of headphones that we have available here at Kellyco will all reach the high standard that we believe should be applied to any piece of equipment used for metal detecting.

What are the Best Headphones for Metal Detecting

For us, the best headphones for metal detecting are those that offer volume control while also providing high-quality sound. You must be able to identify a variety of signals, some of which can be relatively weak. The best headphones will eliminate external sounds allowing you to focus on picking up on those signals.

Before purchasing, it is best to be sure that you have the correct headphone adapter and headphone jack. If this isn’t the case, then we also stock an array of accessories.

Also, the best headphones for metal detecting will be capable of being used in poor weather conditions. That is why we recommend waterproof connectors to allow for the continued use of your headphones even when the weather is against you.

Of course, you may find yourself drawn to specific brands including the likes of Fisher stereo headphones or those linked to the Garrett Ace line of metal detectors. When you do purchase headphones by companies such as Minelab or any others, you will be able to take advantage of the headphones working within the frequency of their own detectors. Also, with more accurate controls, it allows you to effectively tune the headphones to fit your own individual requirements.

Wireless or Corded Headphones

A common question posed by detectorists is whether they should invest in wireless metal detecting headphones. Current technology has certainly improved with wireless headphones, and the length of time that they can operate via bluetooth without running out of charge is impressive.

Often, there is little difference in the quality of the headphones when it comes to either corded or wireless. However, you do want to check that you have the correct wireless transmitter to allow for the fast transfer of sound and to avoid any delay. If you are unsure whether or not this applies to the brand of wireless headphones that you wish to use, then contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

General Metal Detector Earphones or Branded Headphones

At Kellyco, we stock both general metal detector earphones as well as those produced by the likes of Garrett metal detectors or Detectorpro. However, some clients wonder if it’s worth buying branded headphones or trying to save some money with a more generic brand.

We do indeed offer both options and we believe that each set of headphones available on our site will be perfect for most situations. Of course, the best metal detectors will deserve you to use the best headphones for metal detecting, but if you are simply starting out with your hobby, then less expensive options will suffice.

Headphones such as those by Eagle are a prime example. They are compatible with all of the top-name metal detector brands and even though they have a low price tag, they are still crammed full of features.

From volume control to the ability to switch between stereo headphones to mono sound, they deliver a high sound quality for such an inexpensive headset. Also, the headband and ear cups are extremely comfortable which is something else to think about considering the length of time you will be wearing them.

Compare this to a branded set of headphones. They may be superior in eliminating outside noises, but the main difference is that they are specifically designed to work with certain models. Less expensive headphones take a generic approach in order to be compatible. Also, they tend to have low latency. This cuts the possible audio lag which can be an issue for some wireless versions.

However, as we have already stated, if you are new to metal detecting, then getting started with inexpensive headphones is a great place to begin.

Finally, we recommend taking a look at the variety of metal detecting headphones accessories available on our website. From new headphone adapters to jacks and wireless audio systems, we can provide everything you need to keep on detecting for longer.

With so many headphones to choose from, we understand that it can be quite confusing. If you are looking at either purchasing your first pair of headphones or wanting to upgrade and need help, then contact us directly via the customer care department here at Kellyco. Our team of expert detectorists are waiting to take your call or to answer your email.

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