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An underwater metal detector is capable of being used in a wider variety of locations than you may imagine. Coming in a range of forms, knowing which model to purchase for your own needs will be essential to then deliver the best possible results. From hand-held versions to those capable of being towed on water, you will then be able to carry out your searches without worrying about the conditions.

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Do Metal Detectors Work Underwater?

A metal detector that is capable of working underwater does use the same basic principles as a land-based metal detector. It will still pick up those different signals and then interpret them via the equipment with this information appearing on the control panel.

The main difference between an underwater metal detector is that a number of them will use a pulse induction method of sending a signal out from the detector. This type of signal is not affected by minerals or the water allowing for an accurate response. At the same time, these signals are highly sensitive to metal making them the ideal way to determine what lies below the surface of the water.

There are also VLF metal detectors that work underwater, but we believe that the pulse induction options are best when it comes to a waterproof metal detector.

What Can Be Found with an Underwater Metal Detector

An underwater metal detector can be used to locate a wide range of items and, as such, they are an important tool for a number of different users or companies. This high-tech detector has previously worked well in the discovery of weapons, ordnance, treasure, shipwrecks and even pipelines. Anything that contains metal can be discovered via a waterproof metal detector and every product that we stock is capable of meeting all of your expectations.

Also, as several of the products come with remote control cameras, it does provide you with an instant view as to what is underwater. While this doesn’t apply to a cheap underwater metal detector, owning this type of detector is not as expensive as you may have initially thought. If you have any uncertainty, then our detectorist experts can offer some friendly advice.

What is the Best Underwater Metal Detector

The best underwater metal detector is clearly one that fits your own individual requirements. JW Fishers have created a number of metal detectors that work perfectly in the sea. Complete with their own underwater mobile camera system, they are easy to operate via a control panel and are able to remain under the surface for a considerable period of time.

As well as having recording capabilities, they are also a powerful metal detector capable of working at extreme depths and still providing you with accurate results. This does then mean that the time spent searching is cut quite substantially. As time is reduced, then so are costs making this an important reason why you may wish to consider purchasing a slightly superior underwater metal detector to benefit in the long-term.

Also, if you plan on diving and still carrying out a survey, then JW Fisher has an option specifically aimed at divers. This hand-held detector is lightweight, fully waterproof, and comes complete with a camera. This is the perfect solution if you are required to carry out a survey of the hull of a ship or an individual search of the seabed. It has a 150 foot cable allowing you to move over a relatively large area while the information is still being sent back to your base.

The key to finding the best underwater metal detector is to be fully aware of what you will be using it for. With prices varying widely, we know that there will be the perfect product for your needs at Kellyco. If you are looking at purchasing a waterproof metal detector and wondering as to the best underwater metal detector for sale, then make your decision so much easier by calling the customer care department here at Kellyco. Our team of detectorist experts can answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the correct solution for your own individual needs.

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