If you live near a farm you may have a great opportunity to find treasure. Many have been around for a long time. You could find old and new treasure dropped by workers. Even the farms that are newer can hold secrets of their own.




Gaining Permission

There is typically a few weeks between harvesting and planting crops in a field. This would be an ideal time to ask permission to detect. One online forum suggested that being part of a metal detecting club could help you gain access to the field. Whether you decide to go with a club or alone, the OnXmaps Hunt Premium App Membership can help you find out who owns the property. 

Finds from Workers

Farming is one of the longest-running activities in the world - it was what allowed people to settle in one place after all. Because of this, you could find some pretty old treasure, depending on how long the farm or community has been around, as well as current clad. It's not uncommon to find pocket spills from workers, either from working in the field or taking a break. Since farms have the soil broken up on a regular basis, you are likely to find things for many years to come.

Unexpected Finds

Sometimes farmland layouts change to best take advantage of nutrients in the soil. Some areas that are now farmlands were open fields that were not needed or set aside for other uses. This is especially true in the United States. This leads to the possibility of finding an old homestead or military encampment where the farm field is now located. In the video below, the Hoover Boys stumbled upon a very interesting site that you have to see to believe.



A farmer's lively hood depends on the fields you request to hunt. When permission is given, follow any rules or requests from the farmer. Taking a no gracefully will also go a long way in showing that the hobby is respectful of others. 

Happy Hunting!