Metal Detector Rental from Kellyco Metal Detectors

Kellyco Metal Detector Rental

Have you lost a wedding ring in your garden? Trying to find your property line markers with a metal detector? Going on a trip to metal detecting on the beach after a hurricane? Did your grandparents bury metal-rim Mason jars in the backyard and you're trying to locate them with a metal detector?

Kellyco Metal Detectors now offers metal detector rentals. Call 866-301-8002 to rent your machine today.

These metal detector rentals are available from the Knoxville showroom in East Tennessee as well as the Casselberry showroom near Orlando, Florida and can be picked up/dropped off Monday through Friday.

We are currently offering three different metal detector rentals. These machines are customer returns, lightly used, or showroom display units:

Here are the basics on metal detector rentals from Kellyco:

  • Every metal detector rental will come with headphones, Garrett AT Pinpointer and a Garrett Digging Trowel.
  • Each rental requires a security deposit.
  • There is no tax charged on rental machines.
  • Once you return the rental, we will refund you everything minus the daily rental cost of the machine.

We are currently unable to ship rental metal detectors from either showroom at this time.

You can view a sample Kellyco Metal Detector Rental Agreement on the Kellyco Support Page.