Metal Detecting Excursions

One of the cool things regarding metal detecting is that it allows you to go on various metal detecting trips around the world. This allows detectorists to experience uncovering history from different time periods and the excitement that comes with finding something completely different to your norm. Whether you want to visit different parts of the United States or fly to various locations in another time zone, then almost anything is possible.

Set Descending Direction

There are a number of good places to metal detect around the world. With metal detectors being so easy to carry around, it is easy to end up in a country such as England or flying up to Alaska to go treasure hunting for gold. The only limits are the costs and your imagination.

Where is the Best Place to Metal Detect?

The best metal detecting adventures will depend on your own personal preferences and, thanks to the variety of metal detecting tours, visiting those places should not be a problem.

A number of metal detecting hotspots exist around the world. What you need to do is to have an understanding of the history of an area to then determine the best spot to go and check out.

Organized metal detecting trips will increase your chances of finding those relics or gold nuggets that you were hoping for. This works in the same way as if you were planning on metal detecting at home. After all, you would determine your reason for detecting in a particular area before going there to reduce the chances of it being a waste of time.

If you love the idea of discovering something that is Anglo-Saxon in date, then heading to England is the place to be. If you love the idea of discovering some Viking relic, then Scandinavia should be included in your next metal detecting vacation.

There is no one single spot that can be deemed as the best metal detecting spot in the world, but then the level of uncertainty is what makes it so appealing.

What You Need for Metal Detecting Trips

Correctly planning what you need for your next metal detector hunt is clearly important. While you may be required to travel light, there are certain components and tools that should appear on your list.

Aside from your metal detector, we would also recommend carrying your pinpointer and shovel. In the case of the shovel, we would suggest even purchasing a smaller, lighter version to make it easier to travel with it. A metal detector hunt in a different land from your own should never involve you taking your full range of tools and equipment.

Relics, Coins or Gold on Your Metal Detecting Adventure

Your tour guide will help your history hunts by taking you to those key spots that increase your chances of things being a success. Of course, treasure hunters will be drawn to certain areas as will those that prefer to deal with Civil War finds.

We believe that you need to be fully aware of the types of finds that appeal to you in order to then select the right metal detecting trip. However, this could very well be the perfect opportunity for you to experience something completely new. If you are used to a certain type of find, perhaps of gold nuggets, then why not take this time to discover some ancient relic?

KellyCo provides clients with a range of different metal detecting trips to choose from, and with each trip being professionally organized it could very well lead to you making some amazing discoveries. If you would like to know more about the excursions that we offer, then do contact us via our customer care department and a member of our team will only be too happy to assist.

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