Welcome to the Kellyco Treasure Hunter Challenge #2

Kellyco's Treasure Hunter Challenge!

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Have you ever wanted to turn metal detecting into a game and compete with others? Now you can! Get up and active while competing with friends and family. Solve our unique challenges to earn prizes — exclusive to Kellyco!

We designed this game in the spirit of having fun, solving puzzles and winning free gear. We know you love metal detecting for its connection to the past and the opportunity to get out and explore, but we also know it’s just plain fun. 

From June 2nd through July 16th, join the Kellyco 2020 Treasure Hunter Challenge! 

Kellyco Metal Detectors Here are the details:

You can sign up as a team and work together (not more than 3 individuals per team is recommended) or you can work alone. 1 prize will be awarded per team to share. Your team name is public so please use family safe team names! Please be mindful of your surroundings while playing, follow your city, state, national laws and do not trespass. 

The challenge consists of a number of missions and tasks. The aim is to complete as many as possible within the limited time. There are 3 types of missions: Fact Check Questions (Orange), Fun Challenges (Green) and Main Objective Missions (Blue). You may not be able to complete all the missions and tasks. That is completely ok. The idea of the game is to encourage and promote metal detecting by completing challenges. 

It is a competition, but remember: the quality of your tasks submitted outweigh the quantity and speed at which you complete each challenge.

Join Kellyco's Treasure Hunt Challenge today!

Kellyco Metal Detectors We are watching the following:

  • Learn new things while playing the game
  • Be a role model for others while adhering to the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics
  • Use critical thinking and perhaps a little bit of luck
  • Help others while having fun
  • Most importantly: Enjoy the Journey! 


    Kellyco Metal Detectors How to get the App:  

    1- To install Kellyco’s Treasure Hunt Game, scan the QR code below to open the app in your device’s app store.

    Install Kellyco Treasure Challenge

    You can also click below to download from your respective operating system store.

    App Store
    Google Play

    2- Once installed, scan the below QR code using the Loquiz app by selecting "Sign In" and then "Scan QR to log in 

    Use this QR code to SIGN IN on app!

    Kellyco Metal Detectors Please abide by the following rules*: 

    • All treasure finds MUST be found with a metal detector pinpointer during the duration of the challenge. 
    • When applicable, submit a recent photo of your find.
    • Each treasure find will be evaluated by Kellyco for approval and must be unique. Finds cannot be used for multiple categories.
    • Items MUST be natural finds. Nothing planted or seeded. 
    • An email address must be entered in order to receive a completion prize. 

    *Violators of the above rules will be removed from the competition

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: Please DO NOT post old finds! We are judging based off of recent recent finds that were found while playing the game and must be found with a metal detector or pinpointer. Pictures of the mission objective MUST be taken where the item was found.


    Kellyco Metal Detectors Prizes:

    • Grand Prize Winner will receive a mystery surprise package worth $107 plus a $50 Kellyco Gift Card and a U.S. Silver Half Dollar 
    • Three Second Place Winners will receive a $50 Kellyco Gift Certificate, a Kellyco Water Bottle and a Vulcan Pinpointer 
    • 10 runners up will receive a $25 Kellyco Gift Certificate

    Join Kellyco's Treasure Hunt Challenge today!

    Kellyco Metal DetectorsWinners will be selected by the following criteria:

    • Each mission has a set and determined point value as displayed in the game. Entries may be disqualified, awarded full or partial point value or bonus points may be added (up to 100% of the item value) as determined at the sole discretion of Kellyco judges.
    • Team(s) that submit Entries that are legitimate and accurate, and that accumulate the highest number of aggregate points, as determined by the Kellyco judges.



    For Terms and Conditions, please CLICK HERE

    Be sure to check your local, state and federal regulations concerning where/when/if you can participate in outdoor recreational activities. Kellyco is not responsible or liable for participants who choose to not abide by and follow officially posted regulations.