Image of United States Map on Right Side with Magnifying Glass that Reads Kellyco in Red letters with Faded image of Two people metal detecting in grass shown with search coil and digger visible

Kellyco NationWide Scavenger Hunt

In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day on May 24, Kellyco has been working with friends and affiliates to come up with a treat for treasure hunters! Kellyco’s Nationwide Scavenger Hunt is a promotion that encourages treasure hunters of every age, experience level, and equipment level to get out and hunt hard, searching for buried treasure. Our affiliates and friends have been seeding coins all across the United States that are worth a $50 Kellyco gift card each. These coins will not lose their value until they are redeemed. As passionate treasure hunters, Kellyco encourages everyone with an interest in treasure hunting to get out there and celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day! Treasure hunting is much more than one person, as it is a hobby enjoyed by millions of humans, each trying to get their hands on history and buried treasure. With this in mind, go forth with a metal detector in hand, a smile on your face, and the potential to find $50 worth of Kellyco gift cards in the ground! Make sure to follow all your favorite Kellyco Affiliates and watch for clues!

Use the Interactive Map or the Links Below to Find an Affiliate or Kellyco VIP Tester in your Area, so you can Find a Token, Too!

States Marked X Have No Tokens Left to Find.

Metal Detecting NYC New York Found! Florida Found!
Little Dirt Diggers Georgia Found!
Krazy Clown Ohio Found!
Reawakening History Virginia Found! Michigan Found!
Finding America Tennessee Found!
Minelab Detexpert Mike Slater Arizona Not Found
The Hoover Boys Maryland Found!
Southern Relics South Carolina Found!
Anaconda Treasure Kansas & Arizona Both Found!
Klesh Colorado Found!
Quarter Hoarder New Jersey Found!
RAM Detecting Arkansas Found!
Kellyco California Found!