When you hear the phrase "ghost town" you likely think of the image below. These communities used to thrive but for one reason or another they were deserted. This is unfortunate but also gives a great place to metal detect. Just like with any other hunt, research, preparation, and safety go a long way for a productive expedition.




There are plenty of books that explain the history of an area. Some of these, such as Garrett Ghost Town Treasures, are geared directly to treasure hunters. You can get some lore and interesting places to try and find. Working with old maps is another way to plot out where you may dig up some good finds. We have a nice selection to get you started.


Another way to find places to hunt is by searching the internet. You’d be surprised at the availability of information already compiled by others. All you need to do is search ghost towns near (area) and you will be able to find websites dedicated to the topic and even a Wikipedia page that has a sortable table. There were some pretty interesting ones for Florida, such as Slavia which is not far from the Kellyco Showroom.



Planning your trip will save time and maybe even some headaches. One website even explains that the sites of some towns may be on private property. If this is the case you will need to get permission to hunt. There are programs, like the  OnXMaps Hunt app, that show the boundary lines of private, government, and public land.


Depending on where you decide to go, you will want to have extra supplies. Some of the places are far away from anywhere else and there is no access to water or fuel. Getting stranded will ruin the hunt in a hurry.



As always, be sure you are safe on your hunt. This is even more important when exploring a ghost town. Many of the buildings and paths deteriorate because they are not maintained. The environment will eventually start to reclaim the area and hide hazards.

It’s best to go with a friend or two and let others know your plans. If things do go south, then you have someone to send or go get help like in these examples from upstate New York. 



Ghost towns can be interesting places to explore and metal detect for history and treasure. With some research and planning, you are bound to find something exciting.