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StuLine Relic Recovery Bundle

  • StuLine Signature Series 36" T-Handle Shovel by Kellyco
  • Kellyco Sifter Finds Pouch for Metal Detecting
  • Kellyco Knee Pads
  • Kellyco Double Lens Magnifying Glass
  • Kellyco Relic Rinse 2oz. Spray Bottle
  • Kellyco Retractable Brass Finds Brush
  • Kellyco Gloves for Metal Detecting
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Product highlights

Get ready to recover some relics and add some finds to your collection with the StuLine Relic Recovery Bundle. Includes a bunch of great accessories to help get the job done right.
Product Description
Get ready to slice through tough soils and rocky terrain with the StuLine shovel by Kellyco. This Relic Recovery Bundle brings you a host of great accessories for all your metal detecting adventures. Collect all your finds with your pouch and gloves and get ready to scrub them free of dirt and debris with the finds brush and Relic Rinse spray bottle. A pair of kneepads will give you some extra comfort while you hunt for buried treasure. Whether you swing a Simplex+ or the Equinox 800, these accessories can get you closer to the treasures you have been hunting for. Gold, jewelry, coins and relics will be in your hand in no time.
  • SKU 64-SLB1
  • Quick Look Get out and find some treasures with this StuLine shovel bundle. Sifter pouch, finds brush, Relic Rinse and more make collecting and cleaning your relics easier than ever.
  • Manufacturer Kellyco
  • Product Type Bundle
  • Tool Size 30" and up
  • Handle Type T-Handle
  • Digging Tool Type Digging Tool
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