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Sluice Goose Industries Goldrop Paydirt Separator


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Product highlights

  • Makes gold separating easier and safer
  • Filters over 99.8% of gold out of a concentrate within seconds
  • Separates gold from dense materials through elutriation
  • Can be broken down and transported into the field
  • Can even be used on difficult black sand
  • Used by professionals and hobbyists alike


Please allow 7-10 days for this item to be shipped. This product is shipped from the manufacturer and not Kellyco.

Product Description

Around the world the majority of gold separating is being performed with a pan and in many cases mercury. This is not only an archaic process, but is also quite deadly.

John Richmond, the founder of Sluice Goose Industries and the inventor of Goldrop, wanted to change the lives of millions around the world and make it easier for prospectors to make a living. The Goldrop will do both.

The Goldrop is designed to be portable, durable and easy to use. After a quick classification process the concentrate is simply dumped into the top of the Goldrop. Within seconds, over 99.8% of the gold is filtered and deposited into a canister at the base of the Goldrop. That’s it.

Shane from Klesh Guitars had the chance to review this product and had a lot to say:
"If you're in a hurry to do paydirt and you want to get quick recovery, i think this machine is actually not bad at all. Especially for the bigger gold. It did 100% recovery on the beginner bag of paydirt, which is the big pieces of gold. On the Gold Strike, it was still up 95-85% recovery, which is still pretty good, especially for under a minute.That was really fast. And for the impossible paydirt, it still took me an hour to pan out the tailings. And it was still a around a 70% recovery rate within a minute. And that's really good."

What's Included:

  • One Goldrop unit plumbed and ready to go
  • Two 1100 GPH Bilge Pumps
  • One set of battery clamps
  • One Bilge pump hose
  • One Siphon hose
  • One PVC Tailings Discharge Pipe Assembly
  • Six Collection jars

How It Works


After classifying the pay dirt down to 1/8 inch minus, the classified material is fed into the top of the Goldrop.


The Goldrop then uses only water flow to separate the gold from the dirt in just seconds. Dirt can continuously be fed into the top of the unit. As the Goldrop separates the gold the tailings are fed out of the back of the unit into an optional bucket or back onto the ground.


At the bottom of the Goldrop is a collection jar. The jar will continue to collect gold as you feed in the pay dirt at the top. There’s no need to remove the jar until it’s full. If you want to inspect the jar you remove it while the Goldrop continues to separate the gold. Once the jar is reattached and the valve is opened, all the gold will instantly fall that was processed while the jar was removed.

Sluice Goose Goldrop Kit


Please allow 7-10 days for this item to be shipped. This product is shipped from the manufacturer and not Kellyco.

  • SKU 36-SG20A2
  • Quick Look The Goldrop is designed to be portable, durable and easy to use. After a quick classification process the concentrate is simply dumped into the top of the Goldrop.
  • Manufacturer SKU SG20A2
  • Manufacturer Sluice Goose Industries
  • Product Type Sluice Boxes
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Customer Reviews

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4.8 average of 6 reviews


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    • ★★★★★ Great machine, but not for fast easy cleanouts

    Review by Nevada Chris on February 18, 2022

    This is a nice machine to clean up ore and has excellent attachments.
    The Bad: 1. Water classification is necessary, otherwise larger rocks will fall through the slurry and bring smaller tailgater rocks with them, that will contaminate your gold cup if material is not completely classified. This happens even if all ore is under 1/8 inch :<
    2. Also of note is If ore is added too fast (without emptying the tailings buckets every 12 scoops, then unit can back up and overflow. Spilling your pay out the top and over the front of the unit.
    The Good:
    1. The recirculating ideas behind Goldrop are solid and have allowed me to process more dirt in the field.
    2. This has allowed me to start washing more rocks in the field, which I really enjoy and likely will lead to more gold recovery. I love the attached water scoop and sprayer.
    3. The hardware is durable, and an extra pump is included.
    4. Sluice Goose Industries is very helpful and willing to assist with your product after purchase. Very cool and interesting gentlemen that are great to work with.
    5. One thing that is pretty awesome about this contraption is if you turn the tailings out flow down (the top valve), then the middle circulator valve up, then it acts like a rock tumbler and tumbles the small stones against each other to great effect. This rounds them like a rock tumbler, but much quieter. Very nice round almost polished rocks come from this technique. Highly recommend for like sized quartz crystals or garnets.
    • ★★★★★ Game Changer

    Review by Rosey M on November 12, 2020

    Cleanup and restoration was under 30 minutes. My set up was only 15 minutes or less and done without assistance. The low voltage pump is easy to keep steadily running with a single folding 80W solar panel. Noise is minimal. Dumping jar contents for quick examination always yields gold. I have NEVER been skunked and have captured, at least, very small gold up to 15 flakes. I run it without a flocculant, nor any other chemical additives. The Sluice Goose is so quick, easy to operate and you can adjust water flow on the fly depending on your dirt density. Vertical gravity gold stripping from any material is the only way I prefer to work now. Over 30 years of other devices have been mothballed! Just Goldrop, a sucker bottle, Gold Claw pan, potable water and sunscreen for me, and I'm ready to go!
    • ★★★★★ Worth It

    Review by Dave V on November 12, 2020

    I had my first pan of gold when I was eleven years old. I've been chasing gold ever since and I am now 56. I own a hard rock gold mine and I have financed multiple placer operations and have been in the gold industry, in some way, for over 40 years. The thing that is most difficult to deal with in the recovery of gold is the final cleanup stage where you try and get your gold out of the heavy and dense black sand concentrates. There are many pieces of equipment on the market that will help concentrate your raw material into a manageable amount of product, but we still have to deal with getting the gold out of the cons so that we have a final, sellable product. There are some very large, industrial sized commercial products that do come close to cleaning your gold, however, there is NOTHING that comes close to matching the speed and or efficiency of the Sluice Goose Goldrop! The Goldrop is able to recover clean gold from the heaviest black sands in a matter of seconds and uses nothing more than water and gravity to provide the result I've been looking for my whole life! In my opinion, The Sluice Goose Goldrop can simply change the industry forever by eliminating the need for toxic chemicals, large mechanical equipment and the cost prohibitive nature of industrial equipment. It is super light weight and easy to disassemble so you may put it in your backpack and take it anywhere!
    • ★★★★★ First day and very impressed!

    Review by KleshGuitars on November 5, 2020

    I received one of these in the mail and after getting the battery and the trickle charger, I was able to set it up (very quickly) using just two 5 gallon buckets, I can't wait to share this product with my YouTube viewers - coming soon!
    • ★★★★★ One awesome piece of equipment to have

    Review by Lhatch on October 3, 2020

    One awesome piece of equipment to have. If you haven't watched the videos on this, you should! Well worth it! Great piece of equipment.
    • ★★★★★ Goldrop is the ultimate for novice to advanced

    Review by Megan Yellow Chick Rosey on October 2, 2020

    Original outside the family Beta Tester, I have found this durable, easy to set up, and use right out of the carton, Goldrop unit to be THE answer to all my placer mining dreams, especially cleanup. Pre-classifying with screens beyond the already small 1/8th minus size recommended, has significantly improved my ability to capture down to minus 200 regular and sometimes beyond, beach gold here on the west coast especially. I've reduced it to its smallest weight possible and this is a 7# wonder, which goes anywhere, and does it all...with directed water flow--elutriation flow. I've mounted it on a portable, metal, collapsible easel. So lightweight!!! ///I sold my RP-4 to get my hands on this unit. Man, but am I glad!!! Thanks, JOHN. Truly, THIS is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and even trumps the Gold Cube for ease of use, volume throughput, and in time savings most especially. Love the yellow in the jar with very little effort!!!
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 8/27/2021 By: Ahren Wade Shindler

    Q: I love the thought and execution of this golden goose machine, could you copy and paste the best examples or operations and results off of YouTube instead of me searching and most likely missing the ones that you think are by far the best videos that capture your product at its finest?

    A: I would say the best information comes from the source. https://sluicegooseindustries.com/
  • Posted On: 6/30/2021 By: Issoufou Tiendrebeogo

    Q: Hello, what is the cost of the express transport of a goldrop to Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso?

    A: I am sorry, but due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot ship outside of the US.
  • Posted On: 5/20/2021 By: Chris Hathaway

    Q: I saw Dan Use this to separate garnets on his YouTube testing the Gold Drop from his concentrate. Will it work with diamond concentrate?

    A: I have not had experience with the Sluice Goose beyond gold separation, I would need to refer you to John Richmond at [email protected] for it's added capabilities.
  • Posted On: 3/24/2021 By: Tye

    Q: sluice goose Is the name of an channel on YouTube. Are you ripping off his name?

    A: Sluice Goose Industries is the manufacturer of the Goldrop Paydirt Separator.
  • Posted On: 2/18/2021 By: alejandro rodriguez

    Q: ¿ buenas cuanto saldria el envio de 20 Separador de polvo para venezuela gracias

    A: Lo siento, pero debido a restricciones del fabricante, no podemos realizar envíos fuera de EE. UU.
  • Posted On: 1/27/2021 By: Donald Pate

    Q: Hi I've collected black and ruby sand off of the beach here locally and done both panning and used a rotating wheel with water to try to separate the gold with no luck. The gold is actually smaller and lighter than the sand. I will see 2 r 3 specs in the pan and they will disappear before I get to the bottom of the pan and the rotating wheel was a bust because even at the point that sand was making it into the collection cup with an occasional flake most was being washed to the bottom and eventually lost. Will this collection system you're advertising collect that super fine flour gold ?

    A: Here is a good video that may help to answer some of your questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE4D3fP4nDM&feature=youtu.be
  • Posted On: 1/10/2021 By: Pratham

    Q: How many days to delivery india

    A: I'm sorry, but due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot ship outside of the US.
  • Posted On: 12/27/2020 By: gregg

    Q: Hi How does this deal with the black sand?

    A: It works really well with the black sand. We have demo units in our showrooms and we have seen it first hand pull all the gold out of the black sand.
  • Posted On: 11/10/2020 By: Francisco cuartas

    Q: How much waight this gold sepataor machine

    A: It weighs about 5 lbs.

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