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Paydirt is what every gold prospector and treasure hunter hopes to find. This refers to dirt that does indeed contain some gold, it is what keeps making people come back to hunting for gold time and time again. However, buying paydirt means you don’t have to worry about coming up empty-handed. Instead, you can experience gold prospecting even in your own backyard and with a guaranteed amount of gold in each bag, it’s only up to you to find it.

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  • Klesh Krums Mini Gold Paydirt

    Get ready to feel like you are right in a Colorado stream, panning for gold with Klesh's Krums Mini Gold Paydirt. With over the minimum 0.14g of gold flakes and placers, PLUS gemstones, you can't go wrong whether you are adding to your own gold collection or gifting to a friend.

A treasure hunter, or gold prospector, is always going to want to hit paydirt. However, spending hours or days hoping to find some gold can be a tiresome experience. Would it not be better if you could hit gold paydirt and enjoy the same thrill that you would experience if you were out on a river or in a field? At Kellyco, we have you covered with all of your paydirt requirements for a range of budgets.

Offering a sense of fun and the perfect way to encourage new people to take up this form of gold prospecting as a hobby, you need little equipment and there is no sense of potential disappointment.

What is Paydirt?

So, what is paydirt? The short answer is that gold paydirt is a term used to describe soil or dirt that does indeed include gold. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about small grains of gold, flakes or nuggets. It is all known as paydirt.

Of course, the term comes from the fact that those fragments of gold are worth money. You could spend hours or longer hoping to get some kind of return for all of the effort you are putting in, but the sense of excitement and joy that you experience when you hit gold paydirt is overwhelming. Indeed, that joy and hope is what contributed to those gold fever prospecting explosions occurring over generations.

However, at this moment, we are referring to something slightly different when it comes to gold paydirt. Instead, we are talking about a bag of gold. A guarantee that you will be able to experience that joy as you work on gold panning for gold that you already know is there just waiting to be found.

Why Buy Gold Paydirt?

Panning for gold is both a skill as well as an art. The techniques used to correctly separate even the smallest pieces of gold from soil can be difficult. Ultimately, this may lead to some gold being lost, but at least you wouldn’t be aware of it at first.

Perfecting your technique takes time but you don’t need to feel the pressure of wondering if some gold has been missed while you are out on your treasure hunting expedition. Instead, being able to work on gold panning and sorting through the soil while in the comfort of your own home makes sense.

The best way to achieve this is to check out the paydirt for sale on our website. With several packages available, you know in advance how much gold paydirt is sitting there waiting to be discovered.

How Gold Paydirt Works

There is nothing elaborate or difficult when it comes to learning about gold paydirt. Our various bags of paydirt have a predetermined amount of pure gold in each bag. Choose from as little as ¼ of a gram up to 15 grams depending on your budget. After deciding on the volume, you simply need to get your gold panning equipment and get to work on uncovering it.

We should stress that this is real gold. Whenever you see paydirt for sale on our website, then what you have is genuine gold mixed in with the dirt. However, if you would still like to have something slightly different, then why not try the paydirt that includes Snake River gold. This gold is so fine that the usual forms of gold mining are not going to work even though the river is full of gold. You now get the chance to uncover some of this elusive gold, and all without even having to go there.

With several options available, Kellyco has you covered when it comes to having paydirt for sale. Enjoy the experience of panning for gold even in the comfort of your own backyard. By the end of it all, you will feel better placed than ever before to venture out on your own gold prospecting adventure and uncover some of your very own paydirt out in the wild.

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