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Field Test: Minelab Go-Find 60 Metal Detector Review

Brooks From Kellyco And His Metal Detector

Brooks From Kellyco And His Metal Detector

Hi, they call me “Brooks” here at Kellyco. I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of you by phone and helped demonstrate metal detectors to numerous visitors at our famous Kellyco Metal Detector Test Pit. Some reading this article may be a few of the fellows I actually metal detected with. Many of you know me as a very dedicated metal detector user and part of the Kellyco Test Team group, and I am considered an experienced metal detector expert. I have been metal detecting for about five years and have enjoyed every minute of it! I have detected mostly in the southern states on both beaches and land in search of coins and relics which I often restore and donate to local historical societies.

I was involved with testing the full line of Minelab’s Go-Find Series, imagine getting paid to play with some of the newest metal detectors of 2015, I love it! One metal detector that I had the pleasure of testing was the Minelab Go-Find 60, the Best Metal Detector in Minelab’s new Minelab’s Go-Find Series for many reasons that become clear to any beginner or experienced detectorist. Boasting an impressive five levels of sensitivity, back lit meter display, four “Finds” modes and even Bluetooth capability. Minelab’s Go-Find Series nailed it with this cost effective, yet workhorse of a detector that is both easy to tune and a pleasure to use. The Go-Find 60 is designed to make it fun and exciting when searching for old and new coins, gold and diamond rings, gold jewelry, relics and artifacts whether lost or hidden in the ground.

I had permission to hunt at a popular venue where they hold weddings, parties, and social events and was very excited to try this detector at a location I had yet to detect.

Minelab Go-Find 60

Minelab Go-Find 60

The Minelab Go-Find 60 collapses down to a very small 22″ and has no assembly required which is great for those who are on the move and want a detector they can keep with them for those impromptu hunts. I really liked the performance and enjoyed the lightweight aspect of the detector as it comes in at only 2.3 pounds. The Minelab’s Go-Find Series performed flawlessly and I ended up cashing in on a good amount of coins as well as a few odds and ends that people tend to drop, like costume jewelry, keys and buttons. The Go-Find 60 was incredibly easy to use and going through the different “Finds” modes made discrimination easy and accurate.

I would recommend the Minelab’s Go-Find Series for anybody who wants a cost effective but very capable and very impressive lightweight detector. Kids and adults both would benefit from this detector without a doubt, I know I did.

About The Author
Jenna is new to the metal detecting community. Although new to the hobby, her passion for exploring and outdoor adventure has been a lifelong interest.