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Metal Detectors For Beginners

Finding the best metal detectors for beginners isn’t easy. With such a wide range of options available, and at different prices, it’s important to know that you are buying the correct metal detector when starting out with this hobby. At Kellyco, our experts can advise you on the best metal detector no matter if it is for a gift or even to kickstart a new hobby yourself.

For tips on choosing the right metal detector, read our guide on the best metal detector for beginners.

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Best Metal Detector for a Beginner

Using a metal detector is easy, but finding the correct one when starting out could get quite complex. First, you need to know about different search modes depending on what you are looking for as things are not the same for each type of metal. From gold prospecting to buried treasure as well as uncovering ancient relics, your beginner metal detector can help you locate any of them, and a whole lot more. 

Throw in adjustable sensitivity to fine-tune the ability to detect an object hidden below ground as well as a depth indicator on most models, and what you have with a beginner metal detector now is what you would have expected on high-end models in previous years.

An all-metal mode on your detector will also make it harder to miss those objects even when you are a new hobbyist. Also, to help those new treasure hunters out there, we have added a section on our product pages that tell you the best uses for that model.

The key is knowing how to get the most out of your metal detector without being overawed. Simply put on your headphones, perfect your smooth, sweeping motion - while keeping your metal detector off the ground - and listen out for that all-important target identification beep. Oh, you might also want to make sure that your detector is weatherproof as you won’t want to be abandoning a potentially cool find because of the weather.

Best Entry Level Metal Detector

So, with all of those specifications and features, what do we recommend as the best entry level metal detector? For us, there are a number of key brands that offer a great option without it costing you too much money. Any member of the garrett ace range will be suitable while those from minelab and fisher tend to be slightly higher in price even though they are still an entry level machine.

If you look at a detector such as the garrett ace 300, then you will see that it comes with different search modes along with a digital ID. This will make it easier to get to grips with learning about what the different signals mean and correctly identifying those gold nuggets or hidden treasure below the ground.

Best Beginner Metal Detector

While it’s easy to be drawn into the more complex metal detectors, our advice is to focus more on an entry-level model. At this stage, it’s important to understand the key components that should come with a good beginner metal detector for anybody starting treasure hunting as a hobby. Also, we recommend avoiding any metal detector that is merely a toy. They will rarely locate anything leading to disappointment even when treasures were there to find.

So, if they don’t work then what does for those new at metal detecting?

As mentioned before, a bestseller model such as the Garret Ace 300 is one such option as the best metal detector for beginners. This model constantly ranks highly on metal detector reviews, but any machine by a brand such as garrett will be a great investment.. Not only do you get the metal detector itself, but it also comes with a pinpointer allowing you to really narrow down your searches when you realize you have struck lucky. 

The best metal detector for beginners should also have a clear lcd screen that delivers succinct information and tells the new metal detectorist what is going on. Also, we suggest a model that has features such as an automatic ground balance for your first metal detector. You want your metal detector to do as much work for you as possible and allow you to focus on the fun part of finding things while learning the basics.

Best Starter Metal Detector

If you already feel that this will be a serious hobby, then spending a bit more cash to get a good beginner metal detector is a great idea. With examples such as the minelab x-terra 505, you get not only pinpointing with the detector, but also a depth indicator, so you know how far you need to go in order to recover your find. It also has an easy to use control box with clear displays so understanding that all-important information is not difficult. 

Also, as you are looking for the best starter metal detector, it also makes sense to purchase a model that can be used on different terrain. This allows you to pretty much go anywhere you like and know that your metal detector will not let you down. The fact you can do this with a high-quality beginner metal detector is amazing, and it applies to a number of models in our range.

So, stop wondering about the best metal detector for beginners and give us a call at Kellyco to allow our metal detector experts to answer any questions you may have. 

For more tips on choosing the best metal detector, read our complete guide on the best metal detector for beginners.

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