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Advanced Metal Detectors

An advanced metal detector is aimed at the serious metal detecting hobbyist. Complete with multiple features and high-quality specifications, the correct metal detector will take your treasure hunting ability to a whole new level. Containing superior metal detection technology, a pro metal detector will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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Best Advanced Metal Detector

So, what is the best advanced metal detector? To answer that question you need to know what to expect in your typical high-end hand held metal detector. Of course, the specifications do vary between brands as well as price ranges, but different features are largely commonplace.

The best professional metal detector is one that can often be used in a number of situations and circumstances. From the minelab ctx 3030 designed for uncovering metal objects to those aimed more at the gold prospector as seen with the OKM Gold Labour Au 79, understanding what you want to use your metal detector for will make choosing the correct machine a whole lot easier. The best advanced metal detector is one that is not used merely by treasure hunters, but is capable of being adapted for various needs to make sure you don’t miss out on those hidden gold nuggets just waiting to be discovered.

What to Look For in Your Advanced Metal Detector

There are key features that we feel you cannot do without when looking at the best metal detectors for more advanced users. First, you must make sure that it has a multi-frequency option, and this should be standard. Also, you may be interested in the detector being completely wireless for ease of use, and with improvements in headphones, it does mean you can easily pick-up those tell-tale pings that let you know you have struck lucky. Due to the range of terrain you may work in, having a waterproof or submersible metal detector would also be viewed as essential.

Of course, the most important area to focus on is how it can detect those objects underground. Most of these high-end detectors will come with their own pinpointer included, so narrowing that search area down to an exact point will become second nature. Your metal detector should also provide you with accurate details regarding detection depth with these advanced models being capable of working deeper than those aimed at beginner detectorists.

The Most Advanced Metal Detector on the Market

While the most advanced metal detector on the market comes with a high price tag, they aren’t just limited to those individuals interested in gold prospecting. Instead, these models may include pulse induction which is capable of detecting deeper than other types of vlf technology. The coil acts as both sender and receiver with electrical impulses being sent into the ground to create a magnetic field.

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