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From a safety and security point of view, walk through metal detectors have a key role to play in many aspects of our lives. From office buildings, to government departments, and schools, the aim is to make sure that everybody inside that building is free from violence. These types of metal detectors are all highly effective, but understanding the different options available will help you choose which is best for you.

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Many of us are familiar with walk through metal detectors. However, there’s more to these machines and checking out the different options as well as features will allow you to correctly determine the best walk through metal detectors for sale that suits your needs.

How Walk Through Metal Detectors Work

Walk through metal detectors use magnetic fields that pick up on any form of metal that passes through them. Modern metal detectors of this type now use multiple sensors that will not only allow metal to be detected, but it will also narrow down the areas where it is located on the individual. From a security and safety perspective, this makes the process of preventing violence more accurate and efficient.

Walk through security metal detectors also use pulse induction technology. This means it emits a pulse in a short burst to create the magnetic field between two predetermined points. As an individual walks through, this magnetic field remains unbroken if there is no additional metal present. However, if the individual does have metal on their body, then it creates a reflected magnetic field. The detector is then designed to set off the alarm and alert the operator.

While this forms the basics of how these particular metal detectors work, there may be slight differences when it comes to the programs that are built into a particular model.

What Can Walk Through Metal Detectors Detect?

While the technology behind walk through metal detectors can be simple, knowing what they can detect can vary and be more difficult to understand.

These detectors were initially created to identify knives or weapons on individuals, but their scope is far greater than those two areas. Instead, these machines can detect any metal that contains iron, nickel or cobalt. Other metals are harder to detect due to the electromagnetic field that they create since it is generally weaker. However, the sensitivity of the technology contained within these metal detectors can pick up even the smallest amount of metal and set off that alarm.

As long as the object contains any of the metals listed above, the machine will be set off. That being said, you may have experienced setting off the alarm at an airport after going through a walk through metal detector due to an innocent item in your possession.

What to Look for When Buying a Walk Through Metal Detector

Considering the potential cost involved, knowing what to look for regarding features of a walk through metal detector will help you decide on a machine and prevent you from wasting an abundance of money on the wrong one.

At Kellyco, we have Garrett and Fisher walk through metal detectors, both expert manufacturers in the metal detecting industry. Aside from the name, you also want to make sure that the detector has been certified by the Safety Act. That means you know in advance it meets stringent criteria and will enhance your security instantly.

As mentioned earlier, newer walk through metal detectors have the ability to narrow down the area where the metal is located. In addition to this feature, you will want to check out the number of positions the detector will examine. The more positions a walk through machine can detect, the more accurate your findings will be. For example, with a walk through detector such as the Garrett PD6500i, you will be able to cover all angles with the ability to detect 33 different positions.

Also consider the sensitivity of the machine. Often, there can be in the region of 200 different sensitivity levels along with a number of application programs. Overall, it means that operating these metal detectors can take some time to learn.

Other key features you should be made aware of prior to making your purchase include the type of sound alarm, whether or not the machine is resistant to being tampered with, whether its protected from defacing or scratching, as well as having visible signs that notify people when or when not to move through the detector.

While the idea of there being so many sensitivity levels and programs may sound overwhelming, it's important to keep in mind that security is at risk here and the walk through metal detectors for sale here at Kellyco have all been developed with that in mind.

If you are considering purchasing a walk through metal detector, but are still unsure which model fits your needs, feel free to contact our customer care department here at Kellyco. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have while guiding you towards the right model for your own unique situation.

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