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Security Parts & Accessories

Maintaining your security metal detector is clearly important. Parts can stop functioning, batteries fail to hold their power, or you simply need to understand why a certain part of the walk through metal detector is not working at all. What this all means is that it's very important to be aware of the various security parts and accessories that may come into play throughout the lifespan of your walk through or security metal detector.

Set Descending Direction

Each and every one of the security parts and accessories that you see listed have been manufactured to the same high standard you would expect from brands such as Garrett and Fisher. There’s no doubt that these accessories will not only enhance your current detector, but the security parts will help you feel more secure. Of course, some individuals may believe that having too many accessories can be a bad thing. However, as you will see via browsing the options, the various accessories that we have listed here can all play a rather important role.

Recharge Kits for Security Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors are usually powered by battery, which means they need to be recharged in order to keep them functional. Garrett has made sure that this will never be a problem with their range of recharge kits. Prior to purchasing, we do recommend that you check that the charger is compatible with your device. Several are available and they will be able to fully recharge batteries in a matter of hours.

Troubleshooting Your Walk Through Metal Detector

Things can go wrong with your walk through metal detector, but being able to correctly identify where the problem is coming from isn’t always easy. However, with either the Garrett operational test piece or the Garrett Monitor and Analyzer, this entire process can become simple.

The aim of these types of items is to help you better understand where the problem is as well as what has gone wrong. For example, it will be easier to determine the root cause by using the test piece to check that your detector is able to pick up on items such as guns or other metals. This becomes even more important when you have already been dealing with an issue and are currently unsure if your walk through metal detector is working to the standards that are required.

Of course, being able to pay close attention to those inner workings can also help to prevent problems from occurring before they become a huge issue. Doing this from next to your walk through metal detector is not always possible, but that is why an item such as the Garrett iC Module which allows for monitoring from a remote position can make life easier. Being able to diagnose any issues before they occur, and knowing what the problem may be will allow for those repairs to be conducted before they become an even bigger issue.

The Garrett backup module is another accessory that can become a worthwhile investment. Having an issue with the battery can ruin the entire machine, so having backup in place removes some of that stress.

Structural Parts for Your Walk Through Metal Detector

Kellyco stocks a number of structural components for Garrett walk through metal detectors. From floor mounting kits, to stabilizer plates, and even a Magna Dolly to make it easy to move your metal detector, there’s a wide variety of parts and accessories that will help make your life easier. We also have other key components such as the Fisher walk through floor mat or the Fisher protective bag, which both help prevent dust getting into the inner workings of the walk through metal detector when it is not in use.

Other Key Accessories for Your Metal Detector

For the hand held versions, we have items such as the Garrett belt holster. This basic accessory will allow you to simply slot your Garrett device into it making it easier to carry it around without having to hold it in your hand all of the time.

With additional holsters, protection covers and test mats, the range of accessories are designed to just make life easier.

If you have any questions regarding the various security parts and accessories that are listed here on our website, then contact our customer care department directly with any concerns that you may have. Our team of expert detectorists will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your individual needs allowing you to feel confident with your purchase.

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