Security and Law Enforcement Equipment

Security and law enforcement equipment is the best way to deter and protect any building, event, or other congregation of people from any attacks with knives, guns, and other weapons. These are especially important in areas such as places of worship, schools, and office environments. Here at Kellyco, we have a wide variety of options, ranging from compact security wands to large, walkthrough machines that will find any metal at all. If you have any questions about any of the security and law enforcement equipment we offer, please reach out to us, as we would love to help.

*All security machines are not eligible for return or refund.

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Why Do You Need a Security Metal Detector

Depending on what place or building you are trying to protect, there are many risks that can be associated with terrorism, violence, and other issues. One of the main reasons that it can be a good idea to use a security metal detector is to prevent weapons, be it knives, guns, or bombs, from coming into the confines of a building or the grounds of an event. In addition to this obvious benefit, there are many other ancillary benefits. Another important use of a security detector is that it helps ensure that every person coming onto the property goes through the same, thorough safety procedures. This consistency helps law enforcement officers and security guards ensure that there is no risk from every person entering through the checkpoint. One of the final large reasons that security metal detectors are so important is that it allows for the quick detaining or confiscation of any forbidden items and keeps the threat outside of the building, event, or any other gathering of people.

How to Choose the Right Security & Law Enforcement Equipment

Determining the specific security metal detectors you want and need can be a difficult task. It’s going to largely depend on where you are located and what you are trying to protect. For example, a school is going to want more comprehensive scans compared to somewhere like a fair, carnival, or other outside venue, considering the quantity of children inside one building at a school. Because each different place, such as a school, place of worship, and office building, have different safety procedures and goals, their ideal solution will vary from one another.

The first important consideration that needs to be made is whether or not you need a walk through machine or a handheld security wand. Places that require that every visitor needs to be checked should most certainly go with a walk through metal detector, as this will ensure that every person who walks through is scanned deeply for metal objects. Places that might spot-check randomly should probably only purchase a handheld security wand. Another consideration is space. If the entrance to the building or event is small, you might not have room for a walk through detector, and might have to opt for the security wand. If you have plenty of space, the walk through is a great bet, as it is more consistent for each person.

Another big consideration is whether or not you have the budget to purchase a walk through metal detector. Security wands are far more economical than a walkthrough detector, although you cannot put a price on safety. If you have the budget and want to purchase the best of the best, go for a walk through model. If you do not have that much money available to you for this purpose, a handheld security wand will still get the job done.

What Is the Best Security Metal Detector?

It is impossible to decide what the best security detector is, as every place and event has different needs, goals, and budgets. With that being said, we have many best selling products that you can start with. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at a couple of our popular products.

Garrett metal detectors are among the best in the world. They took their innovative technology and adapted it to the security wand business. These ultra-sensitive wands can pick up the smallest metal objects and feature simple operation modes, two-tone alerts, and a 360 degree detection field. Running well below $200, these are a great option that will last decades.

In addition to Garrett’s excellent handheld wands, they also have high-quality walk through metal detectors that are ultra-sensitive and provide a comprehensive scan that will help promote safety. They use dozens of different programming modes and show exactly where the item is on the person if they are carrying a weapon. This is a great option if you have the budget for it.

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