Commercial & Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors and commercial metal detectors are used for specific jobs that go beyond those that you would expect from a metal detector aimed at hobbyists. From locating pipes buried underground to cables that need to be detected for safety reasons to a range of locators and detectors, the commercial metal detectors in store will suit every possible requirement.

Set Descending Direction

While a metal detector is often associated with treasure hunting and the discovery of ancient coins, the technology is actually used in a variety of industries. A number of businesses, as well as government departments, have the need to uncover metal objects or underground items to allow them to move forward with their plans. 

What are Industrial Metal Detectors

An industrial metal detector does operate in a different way to what you would expect from those aimed at the treasure hunter. An industrial metal detector often requires greater ranges, search modes and the ability to change the sensitivity. Locating a coin is one thing, but searching for small pieces of metal on a constant basis does take some extra special equipment.

Your typical commercial metal detector does have some specific jobs. From searching for valves, cables and pipes to being used on a product line, the important part is the accuracy of these detectors. While missing out on a Civil War find may be frustrating, missing out on a piece of metal or locating a pipe in an industrial setting is a completely different problem. 

In an industrial or commercial setting, anything that takes time increases expenses. That is why our range of industrial metal detectors have speed as well as accuracy at their core. They remove the guesswork and allow you to then make a decision as to what to do next and with their adjustable search modes and depth indicators, you know exactly how things will proceed.

How Industrial Metal Detectors Work

Industrial metal detectors can have some specific requirements that sets them apart from the usual types of metal detection equipment. Due to them being used on specific sites, these detectors need to have the highest sensitivity to uncover any piece of metal at any size. This is a basic point of product inspection where metal contamination is a risk. 

Metal detection technology in this setting will often require multiple frequencies as this does give the detector a higher accuracy. The idea and operation remains the same as it still deals with metals giving off a signal when an impulse is sent out from the detector. You still get that same pulse induction just on a much finer level than when searching for treasure. 

Also, the different models can be tuned to locate any type of metal, and not just those with a ferrous base. Steel, aluminum, copper and even nickel can be located, and do so within a matter of seconds. In addition, some terrain can be difficult to detect due to rocks. However, this needn’t be too tough thanks to a magnetic locator probe which is capable of getting into even the smallest of spaces. With a range of tools, there’s no need to be caught out by surprise.

What are Commercial Metal Detectors

Commercial metal detectors also have a specific role to play with them being used in places such as the food industry or ground clearance. The need to find any metal, even in small amounts, does mean these detectors need to have that same high sensitivity. Also, they must be capable of finding all metal and not only ferrous materials. Items such as oil drums, cable casings, or other metal items need to be found, and in any weather conditions.

Commercial metal detectors can be used on any terrain as well as in waterlogged or frozen conditions. Due to the importance of the work they do, nothing can stop industrial metal detection as any downtime can prove to be problematic.

Buying a commercial or industrial metal detector need not be stressful. Instead, you can call the customer care department here at Kellyco and our expert detectorists will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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