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SITO Scoops

The SITO scoop is often regarded as being the best scoop on the market. Created by a group of three enthusiasts, it makes a difference when a product has been created by people fully aware of what they would want a scoop to be like. This is not a normal kind of trowel but rather is one of the best metal detecting accessories itself.

Why You Need a Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

A sand scoop is a hugely useful piece of kit for anybody that is serious about metal detecting. Specifically designed to allow sand to fall through the mesh styled design, it leaves the object that you are searching for to remain in the scoop itself. In other words, it allows you to quickly locate your find after narrowing down the search with your pinpointer.

Other digging tools may be capable of helping you to get down to the key area, but you are still left with a block of material to work through in order to locate it. That is not the case with a SITO scoop. 

What is the Best Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting?

In our opinion, a SITO scoop is the best sand scoop for treasure hunting. We feel that it is one of the absolute must-have metal detector accessories due to the way in which it makes your life substantially easier. This is not something simply for the pro metal detector or someone interested in gold panning. Instead, a hand held scoop such as this is the perfect tool for anybody.

A sand scoop is not limited to only being used with Minelab Metal Detectors, Garrett Metal Detectors, or any other individual brand name. Instead, this is far more universal in its approach meaning anybody can use it.

What to Look for with a Sand Scoop

In the case of SITO Sand Scoops, there are a number of different aspects that we feel are key with this kind of sand scoop. First, they are made from stainless steel so they are strong and will last for years. Next, they are laser-cut, so we are talking about real precision engineering.

Also, they are resistant to corrosion and that allows them to be used even in areas that are covered in water without worrying as to the impact it has on the tool itself. However, there is one aspect of their design that we love, and that is the flat part of the foot.

Many other scoops or digger tools have a sharp edge on the foot. That means you have to push down on the sharp foot to get any power when digging. That is hardly comfortable, but a SITO sand scoop comes with a flat edge offering you more comfort as well as a larger area to create more down force.

Furthermore, the bounty hunter that may find themselves in harder terrain could also benefit from the standard SITO scoop with a sharp front. This is also stainless steel and will make it easier to slice through harder ground meaning even heavy frost will prove to be no match.

Owning a SITO scoop will certainly be a great idea if you plan on gold prospecting or searching for any kind of object with your metal detector. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of your new scoop then do contact us via our customer care department. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the best SITO sand scoop to suit your needs.

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