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Lorenz Metal Detectors & Accessories

Lorenz is a manufacturer of not only metal detectors as a whole, but also various components that will allow you to either repair your old detector or upgrade items to make it better than ever. Manufactured to a high standard, their products will allow you to detect in a wider range of situations and do so professionally each and every time.

Lorenz Batteries

Worrying about your search coil or how your metal detector works in salt water is pointless if your battery isn’t up to scratch. The Lorenz rechargeable battery can act as the ideal battery pack for your Lorenz metal detector. Do note that you need to check when your metal detector was manufactured to make sure that your additional battery pack will work with your detector.

Lorenz Cables

Lorenz cables are intended to make life easier while also increasing your detecting capabilities. With either an extension cable for frame coils or an adapter cable for double frames, each cable is manufactured to a high-specification allowing the cable to do its job. If you have any questions as to whether or not purchasing a new Lorenz cable is the best thing to do, then do contact us and speak to one of our experts.

Lorenz Chargers

Without an adequate wall charger, your battery condition is going to degenerate resulting in frustration when you run out of power at the most inopportune time. One of the key aspects of Lorenz chargers is that they come with adaptors to allow them to be plugged into any kind of wall socket pretty much anywhere in the world. This is ideal for the traveling metal detectorist who loves to search for those big metal objects in different locations.

Lorenz Metal Detector

The Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector is known for its sensitivity allowing it to detect even those small objects in the ground. Furthermore, this model is also waterproof and contains a number of features that have been incorporated as a direct result of many years of research.

This metal detector is about more than merely finding ferrous metal objects. Instead, its large coils allow for greater detection depth while pinpointing is also not an issue with this model. It does all of this via a high-quality metal detector that will not only make life easier when searching for gold nuggets but also large metal objects as well. Complete with a pulse ground balancing system, covering large areas of mineralized ground is not a problem due to the technology contained within the Deepmax Z1.

Lorenz Modules

Without the preservation of data it does mean that it becomes harder to interpret what lies below ground. The Lorenz module is the one piece of equipment that you will need for the Z1. Without it, the data logger is just not going to work.

Lorenz Search Coils

Being aware of both the type and quality of search coil is important for your metal detector. In the case of Lorenz, there are different versions in stock depending on your needs. It is important to take into consideration the potential great depths you will be detecting when looking at the search coil while it should also be capable of detecting both big and small items. Furthermore, sensitivity also plays a part with this being key when there may be a need to search for the smallest of objects.

Lorenz Shafts and Rods

Changing the shaft or rod of your metal detector can make actual detecting much more comfortable. You need the rods to be waterproof, lightweight and also easy to clip onto either your arm rest or search coil. With Lorenz, we also stock a telescopic version allowing for easy adjustment to your own individual needs. Once again, this makes it easier for you to set everything at a height that will make detecting a whole lot more pleasurable.

If you are in the process of considering any of the items available from Lorenz in our store and wish to know more, then contact our customer care department. A member of our expert team of detectors will be happy to answer any question you may have and ultimately guide you towards the right products for your own individual needs.

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