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There is a whole lot more to having the correct headphones than you may imagine when using a metal detector. While comfort is clearly important, other features can help determine as to whether or not the headphones you are either using, or wish to buy, are capable of doing the job. In the case of Detector Pro, there are a number of such headphones on the market that are worth considering.


DetectorPro has been in the industry for years and during that time has built a reputation for producing quality headphones. No matter if you are running a Minelab, Garrett or any other type of metal detector, these headphones and accessories are still going to perform to the high standard that you deserve.

Why You Need Quality DetectorPro Headphones

Metal detecting results in you having to be aware of even the slightest signals that could indicate something is in the ground. Products such as the Gray Ghost Wireless Headphones or the DetectorPro Black Widow Platinum Headphones are designed to really encase your ears and eliminate any external sounds. Ultimately, it allows you to focus more intently on what you are picking up.

DetectorPro Cables

The headphone jack and cable can undergo a significant amount of stress. As a result, there are times where it can break resulting in your headphones becoming redundant. A replacement cable for the likes of the DetectorPro Gray Ghost NDT Headphones is the perfect solution. Simply unplug the old and replace it with the new and you will be ready to start detecting once more.

DetectorPro Chargers

A charger is an absolute necessity if you want to continue metal detecting. However, prior to making your purchase, you need to be sure that it fits in with the battery pack that comes with your metal detector. Also, the speed at which it can charge your battery pack is also important as you certainly don’t want a battery charger that leaves you sitting around wishing you could be out in the field.

DetectorPro Harness

Having the correct harness is going to ultimately make detecting far more comfortable. You want to have something that distributes the weight and for it to not all be bearing down on your shoulder or back in the one area.

In the case of the DetectorPro harness, you will notice that it spreads the stress over a larger area. Also, the harness comes with additional padding so it never feels as if it is digging into you allowing for longer periods detecting.

DetectorPro Headphone Adaptors

When checking out new headphones, such as the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Gold Series, you need to check the jack on the headphones and that it will apply to your own metal detector. Checking out adaptors and making sure that this is the case makes life easier, but we here at Kellyco are always on hand to help you out should there be any confusion.

DetectorPro Headphones

DetectorPro headphones focus on cancelling out additional sounds allowing you to focus on what is important. With DetectorPro, they have even made sure that their waterproof headphones are capable of withstanding a lot of punishment. Suitable for both detecting for gold as well as small or large objects, their range is easy to adjust with this adding to their comfort rating.

Sitting snugly on your ears, versions such as the Jolly Rogers, Black Widow headphones or the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian will be suitable for anybody whether they are new to detecting or seasoned professionals.

Hip Mounts

Your T-handle shovel is an essential piece of kit that you want to have near you at all times. This shovel holster can be easily clipped onto your belt allowing you to remain hands free but knowing that this key tool is on hand whenever you hear that signal through your headphones.

DetectorPro Pinpointer

DetectorPro also produces their own pinpointer allowing you to narrow down the area where you should be focusing. Capable of working in both dirt as well as sea water, it works with an LED signal indicator as well as having its own low battery indicator to let you know when things are going to have to be charged.This version also comes with four different sensitivity levels allowing it to pick up on even the smallest of potential signals.


Using your scoop is one thing, but there are times where you may feel unable to get the correct purchase or angle thanks to the handle. Of course, having a shovel that’s too long can cause that but that’s not always the case.

A Gold Digger guide handle changes everything. It simply attaches to the shaft of your shovel and it alters the angle that you hold your shovel. When space is difficult, this can be a real game-changer and all you need to do is to insert the shaft and clamp these guide handles down on either side. It takes minutes to do, but this heavy duty product should be on your wishlist of tools that you need to have at your disposal.

Selecting the correct headphones or metal detecting accessories is clearly important when metal detecting. If you are unsure as to whether or not the metal detector headphones you have selected on our website will work with your metal detector, then simply contact us at our customer care department. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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