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Metal Detecting Shovels

When you find a target with your metal detector, you are most certainly going to need to get it out of the ground somehow. This is where a metal detecting shovel, trowel, or any other digging tool comes into play. There is nothing as important to a metal detectorist as a metal detecting shovel, as it will make you more efficient at recovering targets and allow you to dig more holes in less time. Kellyco is proud to offer all kinds of high-quality metal detector shovels to fill your digging tool needs.

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What Is a Metal Detecting Shovel?

A metal detecting shovel can take many different forms, blade types, and features depending on the use it was intended for. Picking out a metal detector shovel as your digger can greatly improve your treasure hunting target recovery times in hard ground. Most shovels for metal detectors are made of a stainless steel shaft, a high-carbon steel blade, and a handle grip that ends in a T-handle, a D-handle or a ball handle. You can determine whether you want a long handle or a short handle, a serrated edge or a plain edge, and other ergonomic features that are specific to each person. Kellyco is happy to offer all kinds of shovels in their many varieties to anyone treasure hunting or prospecting.

What Size Shovel for Metal Detecting?

Determining what type of shovel you need is going to depend on how you do your treasure hunting and prospecting. If you are someone who generally hunts in soft soil conditions, you can get away with using a shorter overall length, as you do not need as much leverage. Also consider a shorter shaft length if you are a shorter person, as you won’t need as long of a shaft. A metal detector digging tool for taller detectorists should be a long handle, bending over more on every hole will cause you more pain than you need to deal with. Many treasure hunters prefer longer handles because they are often more comfortable for extended hunts.

What is the Best Metal Detecting Shovel?

Determining the best metal detecting shovel is no easy feat. There are so many great brands like Lesche, Grave Digger, and Radius tools. Continue reading for a brief description of some of Kellyco’s most popular shovels.

Lesche makes some great, high-quality digging tools. The Lesche Ground Shark is one of the most popular shovels, as it comes in a variety of handle lengths, has a serrated blade, and can bust through the thickest roots. The Lesche Sampson Ball Handle Shovel is another favorite, as it is very lightweight and tough. Any of the Lesche digging tools are built to last a lifetime and are great values for every detectorist.

Radius is well known for the Radius garden tools they make, however they make great metal detecting digging knives and shovels as well. One of the most popular is the Radius Root Slayer shovel. This shovel comes with a circular handle and is sharp, serrated, and tough. For a smaller version of this favorite shovel is the Radius Root Slayer Nomad. Providing the same comfort, durability, and value in a shorter package is the Root Slayer Nomad’s claim to fame.

Grave Digger makes some excellent shovels for metal detectorists that are made in the USA. They offer T-handle shovels with many different overall lengths and serrated blade styles. These are constructed with high-quality carbon steel and are built to last. They also make their SideKick edging tool that can bust through hard ground once you have used your pinpointer to determine the exact location. Simply pull it from the belt holster and dig a quick plug. Grave Digger digging tools are built to last you a lifetime.

White’s is well-known for their metal detectors, but their Ground Hawg shovel deserves just as much recognition. The Ground Hawg shovel is both durable and sharp, as it will cut through almost any surface, excluding rock, you will detect on. This beast also comes with a sheath.

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