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Metal Detecting Pouches

Finding the right metal detector pouch can mean the difference between a successful hunt and an unproductive hunt. Having the ability to quickly and easily store your finds on your person makes for more efficient target recovery and storage. Picking out the right finds pouch can be a daunting task, as there are many on the market. Luckily, Kellyco has a wide selection of finds bags, from our best sellers, to our newer products. Carrying finds without a pouch while using your metal detector is hard, so take some time to invest in your comfort and find the perfect metal detecting pouch for you.

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What Pouch Should I Use for Metal Detecting?

Picking the right finds pouch for metal detecting essentially comes down to what features you want and personal preferences. One of the biggest factors that detectorists look at is how much gear and finds they can carry. People like to carry their finds, water bottles, digging tools, and sometimes even their pinpointer in their pouch. There has to be enough space for all of these items to be carried. One of the best ways to look at this feature is to check out customer reviews and see what they say.

Another large factor is how durable it is built. Many of these pouches come with heavy-duty cordura fabric capable of holding finds, diggers, water, snacks, and many other items. Many detectorists love products that are made with zippered pouches, where you can close the zipper for your more valuable finds. A zipper pocket has saved many treasures from accidental loss over the years. Many of these products are waist pouches, so it is important to pay attention to how well the nylon belt holds up and how comfortable it will be. By keeping all of these various factors in mind, it will be much easier to narrow down your search for a metal detector pouch. If you have any questions at all about metal detector pouches, please reach out to us, as we would be glad to help.

Best Metal Detecting Pouch

While it is impossible to narrow down the best finds pouch to one specific product, there are several of our best sellers that will be discussed more in depth.

One of the most popular pouches we sell is produced by Garrett Metal Detectors. If you are familiar with the Garrett AT series metal detectors or the Garrett ACE series metal detectors, you know this is a quality product. This pouch is called the Garrett Camo Diggers Pouch, and is a highly affordable option. It is built with a heavy-duty zippered pouch so treasure can be kept separate from trash. There is MOLLE-compatible webbing on the front of the pouch, making it easy to attach all kinds of gear. This is a great, all around pouch for an unbeatable price!

Here at Kellyco, we produce several different styles of pouches that are user-friendly, heavy-duty, and bargain-priced. We offer large finds pouches, smaller accessory pouches, and everything in between. We use zippered pouches so there are no lost phones, pinpointers, or treasure. We offer a camo pouch as well, for those wanting to blend in while they hunt. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

Minelab is a great company known for producing some of the best metal detectors on the market. Not only do they produce the world famous Minelab metal detectors, but they also offer several different finds bags for treasure hunters. The Minela Shell Pouch even features a shoulder strap, allowing comfortable carry. This shell pouch comes with tons of room to put all kinds of gear and finds in. It even features small holes on the bottom to drain any water. In addition to this pouch, they offer a Minelab Treasure/Tool Pouch. This pouch features several different pockets that can be closed with zippers or velcro. This pouch was built with several attributes in mind, among them are durability, carrying capacity, and comfort. These Minelab products are some of the best out there.

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