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Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories For Metal Detectors

Even though we have tried to organize everything on our website to fit nicely into individual categories, like a digger tool, armrest, or pinpointer. However, there are some objects that don’t quite slot in as well as we would like. That is why this page is dedicated more to those items that are still invaluable to the detectorist. Each metal detecting item is still something that we believe is invaluable and well worth adding to your toolkit or collection.

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There is a whole lot more to metal detecting than simply purchasing a metal detector and going treasure hunting. Instead, a number of smaller items are capable of making your life a whole lot easier from having the correct headphones to understanding more about the search coil and so much more.

The problem is that often smaller items and certain accessories can be overlooked. This leads to you suddenly discovering that something is missing just when you need it the most.

Small Metal Detector Accessories You Really Need

Even if you own a metal detector by companies such as Garrett or Minelab, small items can break or be lost. Having extra or knowing where to purchase replacements can be a good idea.

Small metal detector accessories such as an adapter that will allow you to use any brand of metal detecting headphones makes sense. This small item can break over time, but with the size of a new adapter it makes it easy to carry a spare around.

Also, if you travel some distance when metal detecting and make a weekend of it, then a wall adapter to allow you to charge things with ease is another small accessory that you should carry with you. Battery chargers or even an additional battery holder can be inexpensive to purchase but also be priceless.

Metal Detector Accessory Kits

Whether you are planning on gold prospecting or to become a bounty hunter, metal detector accessory kits can help with setting up and getting started with detecting. The White’s Go Detecting kit is one such example. Containing a number of basic tools, it also has a couple of books that may help answer some of the questions you could have when starting out.

A more involved accessory kit is the one available from Teknetics which is designed to go with their range of metal detectors. As well as a carry case, there are also replacement batteries and coil covers with it all fitting nicely into the one bag.

Tools and Metal Detector Replacement Parts as Accessories

A pocket tool kit is something that we believe you cannot be without. After all, we have no idea when things may have to be changed or replacement parts added. At the same time, we stock a variety of nuts, bolts, hand grips, dust covers and a wide range of other replacement parts that should be readily available to any metal detecting hobbyist.

Our range of replacement parts cover not only metal detector headphones but every brand name you can imagine. From parts for Nokta Makro to screen protectors for Minelab Equinox detectors to items for Whites metal detectors, we have you covered.

Only the Best Quality Metal Detector Accessories

Whether items are made from stainless steel or delivering spare parts that can cope with any weather conditions or high usage, Kellyco only stocks the best quality metal detector accessories. All that we suggest is for you to check the individual details for each product before you make your purchase. That way, you will know in advance if that new holster is suitable for your Garrett detector or if that carry bag works for the Garrett AT Pro.

However, as we only stock the best items, we can guarantee that they do meet the high standards that you should rightfully expect. These miscellaneous items are about more than merely adding them to any wishlist. They are about more than gold panning, searching for nuggets or any relic. It’s about delivering the best metal detecting experience and increasing the odds of you having a successful hunt.

The list of potential accessories that we recommend can be partly seen on this page. However, we do suggest checking out other product categories on our website to learn more about the various metal detectors and accessories that we have in store.

Here at Kellyco, we stock a vast array of items connected to metal detecting in all different kinds of settings and scenarios. If you would like to know more about any of the objects either on this page or any others, then simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Contact our customer care department and a member of our expert team of detectorists will guide you towards the perfect products for your own individual needs.

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