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Search Coil Covers

Without a fully functioning search coil, it will be difficult for your metal detector to perform. The best way to avoid this is to look at purchasing a search coil cover. Not only will it offer a level of protection, but it will also increase the lifespan of your metal detector allowing you to continue prospecting for even longer than before.

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A metal detector coil cover will come in various shapes and sizes due to the array of search coils that are available to the bounty hunter. It makes sense to not only understand the need for coil covers, but also making sure you have the correct one for your metal detector.

What is a Metal Detector Coil Cover?

A search coil cover is also known as a skid plate. Detectorists use it to protect the search coil from scuffs and scratches which would occur no matter how careful you tried to be. Stones, pieces of metal, and other objects can easily cause damage to the search coil which is often quite delicate. A coil cover will reduce the potential damage while also making sure it does not interfere with the coil’s ability.

You must remember that the likes of sand can easily work its way into your dd search coil. Grains of sand can quickly cause some damage and, through time, it could break your metal detector. Instead, leave it up to your dd coil cover to stop this happening.

Metal detector coil covers will generally be manufactured from a form of high-impact plastic. This gives it that durability as well as making it splash resistant.

Why Use a Metal Detector Coil Cover?

The main reason for using a metal detector coil cover is to protect your metal detector. Like headphones or a pinpointer, coil covers can help a detectorist accomplish a productive hunt. These coil covers act as a shield or a level of protection while also being highly durable at the same time. It offers this protection over both wet and dry ground, so there’s less need to stress about your brand new Garrett Ace or Nokta Makro search coil being covered in mud the first time you take it on an adventure.

A coil cover will be resistant to static being built up when detecting over grass. This is an important point to check with the make or model you purchase due to the potential for it to interfere with the signals that you then receive.

When you consider the potential cost of your metal detector, investing in a coil cover is a small price to pay. With it only taking a few minutes to attach, not using one makes little sense. Also, some people may fear that a coil cover could reduce the sensitivity of your metal detector. While this may be true to a certain extent, the difference it can make with a search coil added should not have such an impact for most people indulging in metal detecting as a hobby.

In other words, you have nothing to fear by using a search coil cover and you will still be able to pick up on those subtle signals.

Choosing the Correct Metal Detector Coil Cover

Choosing the correct coil cover is more straightforward than you may have assumed. Our page lists the various covers we have in stock, and each item states the make and model that it applies to. For example, a coil cover designed for a Minelab metal detector will not work with one by a Detectorpro.

No matter if you are dealing with a concentric search coil or any other metal detector search coil, you need to be aware of the size and overall structure. It should also be lightweight and easy to attach to your metal detector. The most common method is for it to simply click onto the search coil. You may also wish to consider having several different coil covers that can be switched around when the terrain itself changes.

At Kellyco, we stock not only a round coil cover, but also a teardrop coil cover as well as an elliptical coil cover for a variety of metal detectors. We recommend that you look at several budget options and to have different covers at hand because with them costing so little, it prevents your treasure hunting expedition being prematurely ended should your existing coil cover be damaged.

If you have any concerns regarding the metal detector coil cover that you believe is best for your metal detector, then contact us directly at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our team of expert detectorists are waiting to help.

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