Metal Detector Cases

A metal detector case will prove to be a worthwhile investment for any detectorist no matter if you are a hobbyist or professional. Built to protect your metal detector, the case will also make it easier for you to carry your detector when heading towards your latest expedition. With a case available for the various key manufacturers, finding the ideal case for your needs should prove to be an easy task.

Set Descending Direction

A high-quality metal detector case will act as a form of protection against bumps and scratches while you are transporting your detector from point A to B. This item is a real necessity if you wish to extend the lifespan of your metal detector. Any dents or it being mishandled could lead to the end of your metal detecting days with that particular machine. Considering how much money you may have spent on purchasing both the machine and accessories, buying a waterproof case is a small price to pay.

Best Metal Detector Cases

The best metal detector case will always be the one that offers the greatest protection for your metal detector. However, due to the differing sizes of machines, making sure that you have purchased the correct one for your model requires some work.

At Kellyco, we stock cases from all of the major brands. Whether you own a metal detector by Minelab, Garrett, or Fisher, we will stock the perfect metal detector carry case for you.

But what makes the perfect carry case? Of course, one that protects either your detector or pinpointer but there’s more to it than merely that. Instead, a metal detector hard case should also contain a moulded foam interior. That stops your metal detector and accessories from moving around while it is being transported. Even a soft case should still provide the same inner protection, so we see this as being a minimum requirement for any metal detector case.

You should also be aware of the locking system that keeps the case closed when it is holding your metal detector. A tight locking system on the case effectively makes the padded interior work. It entombs your metal detector or pinpointer and keeps it in place wrapped in its protective shell. If the locking system on a case is not firm and secure, then it leads to some additional movement as well as the increased risk of your metal detector toppling out.

Selecting the Right Metal Detector Case

As each brand makes a range of cases, how do you select the right metal detector case? While often it comes down to personal preference as to the style, we do recommend paying close attention to the fine details that appear in the product listing. There, you will learn more about what the individual case offers as well as discovering the make and model of detector that can be used with the case.

Your metal detector carry bag should still be relatively lightweight. For example, the military grade carrying bag for the Garrett AT Pro looks extremely robust, and it is, but the case itself is manufactured from high-grade plastic. As a result, it doesn’t weigh anywhere near as much as you may expect.

If you do plan on metal detecting regularly, and to venture into rougher terrain, then a soft case would usually not be sufficient to offer the level of protection that your metal detector would need. In that case, one made from that high-grade plastic would be the better option.

In short, the right metal detector case will depend on the manufacturer of your metal detector, the model you own, and where you are likely to head with your bounty hunter adventures. As long as you keep those points in mind then finding the perfect protective case will be easy.

Cases for Pinpointers

Pinpointers are another key item for anybody interested in treasure hunting. Narrowing down where those metal detector finds are located makes life so much easier. Due to this, we recommend investing in a carry case for your pinpointer such as those manufactured by Nokta Makro. A simple carrying pouch will also be lightweight while it keeps your pinpointer safe from the elements.

You should also be aware that a number of pinpointer cases also double as a finds pouch. This does depend on the version you own, but they may include space for you to store away that precious metal object that you uncovered during your hunt. As metal detector accessories go, this has to be one of the most useful around.

Selecting the correct metal detector case for your own individual make and model can be a simple process. However, if you have any questions choosing the best one for your needs, contact us directly here at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our team of detectorists are ready and willing to help.

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