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Metal Detector Tumblers & Cleaning Equipment

Metal detecting and finding that piece of treasure is only part of the task. Alternatively, you need to be able to effectively clean whatever it is that you have found, but you must do so carefully. After all, you don’t want to damage that relic in order to just get some piece of clean metal. For this, you need to have the correct metal detecting rock tumbler and cleaning equipment, and there are several options available to you depending on your own individual requirements.

Set Descending Direction

Whether you are gold prospecting or treasure hunting, detectorists need a range of tools in their kit to make life easier. The idea of cleaning coins or other treasure products involves more than some soap and water. Instead, we recommend coin tumblers or other specific metal detecting cleaning tools.

How Does a Coin Tumbler Work

Coins that have been sitting in the ground for some time tend to be rather corroded. That corrosion can be tough to remove unless you have a coin tumbler.

With this technique of cleaning coins, there are two different methods that may be used. One is referred to as rock tumbling while the other approach is electrolysis coin cleaning. It’s worth adding that a rotary tumbler that uses rock grit to remove the corrosion and grime on a coin should perhaps not be used when the coin has sentimental value. The method used can damage the surface of the coin, so if you want to preserve things as best you can then electrolysis will be the better approach.

Cleaning coins using an electrolysis kit uses basic physics while it has the ability to deep clean your coins. It works by sending an electrical current through the metal and, in the process of doing so, will effectively remove the nonmetallic elements from the coin. That means dirt, corrosion and anything else that needs to be separated.

Best Tumbler for Metal Detecting

The best tumbler for metal detecting will depend on whether you want to clean coins that may have some monetary or sentimental value or merely want to get some dirt and grime removed without worrying too much about it.

If you want a quick and simple approach that will remove some of the less stubborn marks and corrosion, then the brass brush by Kellyco can be a useful tool to have with you in the field. Lightweight and easy to carry around, the aim is to remove some of the immediate dirt to provide you with a better chance of identifying what it is that you have discovered.

Kellyco also provides an electrolysis kit. All that is missing is the tank for the water along with batteries. Aside from that, everything else is there to allow you to uncover that valuable coin.

Finally, we also have a tumbler available on our website. Capable of cleaning a large number of coins at the one time, this model by Thumler is a simple coin tumbler that can get results.

Ultimately, the best coin tumbler for sale is the one that you believe will be best suited to clean your finds. Each option will get you results and we can recommend each version that is available on our website.

The Key Points to Remember with a Coin Tumbler

A coin tumbler or electrolysis kit isn’t the type of polisher that should be used by a complete novice. Instead, we suggest that treasure hunters take some time to gain a clear understanding of the way in which not only a rotary rock tumbler works, but also the mistakes to avoid making when using electrolysis.

We believe that it is more beneficial to have different methods of cleaning available to you. That way, you can adapt your approach depending on what you have discovered. With cleaning kits being so small, carrying them around with you as you explore and detect even in far-flung places will not be a problem.

So stop worrying about how you will get those discoveries clean and free from corrosion. Invest in a coin tumbler and the correct metal detecting cleaning tools and see an immediate difference in both how clean things can be without bending over backwards. If you have any questions regarding this then contact us here at Kellyco. Our customer care department will be happy to help with any problems that you may have.

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