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Metal Detector Treasure Finds, Pictures and Stories

There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!

Tons of Relics Unearthed by White's DFX

Hello there Fellow Detectors,

I live in the southeastern part of in Switzerland County, Indiana where it is very old and has a lot of history in are area in including, Patriot, Florence, My town Quercus Grove, East enterprise, and on. We have had many Swiss Settlements in are area including one back along are main creek behind are house in the woods we have 150 acres so there is a lot you can see he if you can follow the old wagon trail along most of the creek and see some old rotten wood, rocks from where houses use to sit, Back in the early 1800s if you go up across the ridge down few more you will go into my friends property in which has a 1750s Trading post waiting for weeds to die down so I can go detect.

Now, along Grants Creek there was a massacre of two brothers by the Indians and gold was stolen and hidden and guess what never found could be buried along the creek down the rd from my house I have detected in the area and found some sliver form the 1900s, Here is some of the finds in the last Month and a half that I have found, But first I bought my Whites DFX from Kellyco this is the best machine I have ever owned, also the package that came with it I received the Bulleyes Pinpointer + Kellyco Digging gear which is awesome IM still using the same shovel after two years and it looks brand new.

Now to my finds,

Ohio River Local Park - I was Along the river detecting and found a W.WII Public Service Hat Badge in which a doctor wore during the war.

1845 Old Home - Next store to me was built in this yard, about 5 yrs ago I found an 1833 Large cent now to this yr., 1882 Indian Head Penny. Few wheaties, 11 Buffalos Nickels in an old leather Pouch, 1943-P Sliver war time nickel, 1898 , 1911 Barber Dime, 1921-1926-1938-1942-1944 Mercurys. 1892 Barber Quater. Some old W.W.II Buttons not great condition but you can read them.

1855 Old Home - This house is 2 miles from my house, I found a 1827 Large cent in very good condition, a few wheaties but no sliver a lot of clad from the dreadful year of 1965 darn it no 1964.

1889 Old Home - This is also on of are friends house, This is my best yard yet ever, To start now in an area between two trees, 75x90, 1852 Large Cent, 1881-1907 Indiana Head Penny, 43 wheat backs, 1910 oldest, 1936 buffalo with a date laying next to a mercury dime 1926, Sliver dimes I found 1895 Barber dime value 160.00 I was like yelling to the top of my lungs. 1934-1941-S-1944, and two 1942 Mercury's dimes. Roosevelt dimes 1946x2-1957-1959-1960-1964. Sliver quarters sliver 1948-1964. Two sliver rings That's 16 slivers in one yard, Plus I found a really cool 1930s Cap gun it was broken I found the first half and in the same hole was the other half I Glued it back to together of course you can't forget all the trash I have found along with all this to, I filled up my pouch many times with old trash but I had the best time of my life in this yard

901 Old Home - Few wheat backs and a Old Brass Letter opener, and junk..

Error Coin Mabye - Undisclosed Location I found a Buffalo nickel with two bufflaos on the nickel no Indian not sure if its real or not but I sure hope so. Put this is Safety Deposit box.

But in the end I have found over 10.00 Plus in clad, 5 dollars in Sliver, This has just been a wonderful experince, talking to the wonderful peopl there ay kellyco and I can't forget to our fellow TQ Members, You will not be disappointed thanks again.

E. G.
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