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Metal Detector Treasure Finds, Pictures and Stories

There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!

Jewelry Cache Found with MXT!

I thought I would write you and tell you about one of my best finds with my MXT. I was detecting one of my usual spots in the woods, when I got a mixed trashy type signal, I decided to dig it. I am glad I did, because about 8 inches down, I had to cut a huge root with my lesche digger.

I started pulling necklaces out of the dirt by the handfuls. There were 42 necklaces and 3 rings individually wrapped in plastic. It was very exciting to find this! Thank you for making such a great machine. Hope you enjoy the story and picture.

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