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Metal Detector Treasure Finds, Pictures and Stories

There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!

Jáchymov - Cradle U.S. dollar

I'm trying everything possible, so I wanted to find nuggets. As you walking in Australia or America. But there is a problem - nowhere near us has gold. In our region, however, since the Middle Ages silver was mined. I have read a few clever books and found the nearest possible location. I chose Jáchymov.

In the area are pure crystalline silver and the local silver veins often based directly on the surface and Schottenbergu (now Castle Hill) and Türckenbergu (today around dimensions guards and hats) were reportedly even finding the 'grass' or in the roots of uprooted trees and with a little luck we might be able to kick some nice coin.Maybe rare Jáchymov thaler.

Embossing thaler was launched in 1520 on the initiative of the genus Šlik who controlled the silver mining in Jáchymova . Minting of these coins reach higher profits and solidify our position in our region. The coins were minted at the Royal Mint Jáchymov and weighed 29.23 g 27.41 g content in pure silver. According to the names of the coins later derive the names of other coins and currencies - thalers and dollars. So Jáchymov thaler is actually the predecessor of the U.S. dollar.

The quest for silver began to study maps and entering GPS coordinates into my CTX 3030 - see if you lead me to some silver. I chose an old silver mine Türckenberg, estimated coal miners camp and several roads leading to the Jáchymova .

After the first few meters, there was a nice signal outside was a copper coin. Coins after coin and I was filled my pocket. We did a number of lead seals of the ancient Austro-Hungarian Empire, much torsos dining spoons, several patron and old buttons. I walked the path to the foot of the hill. I began to search the rise and rise to the top. We found small pebbles ore surface covered by oxidation. A friend tried to break in one of severing. The sun has shown beautifully in the quarry. This is it… we really silver. Will still contain other metals. It's not a pure crystalline silver in the form of wires, but it is an ore that was mined in the Middle Ages.

At the top was a beautiful view and I managed to kick the beautiful gold ring with ruby​​. We revved up the adrenalin. We have silver ore, gold ring and a lot of coins. We cross over the probe grass here and there, if CTX 3030 detected a beautifully clean signal, a short beep - beep predicted silver coin. Spades, I uncovered a ring of grass sod and removed. The signal was still in the ground about 30 cm. Probably a lot of old coins? I carefully took out another layer of clay and searched. Beep - beep and she was out . After the division of the dirt pile I halved the signal and searched - to make it happen. There was a flash and a small round after cleaning I saw a lion - emblem of the Czech Kingdom. Wow a really old coin in my hand.

It's not a big thaler, but it is a child thaler (small silver coin) Right to call a friend to go to admire and how to Lust ancient characters, I run over the place once 17'' probe. Beep - beep weak but clear signal about one more coin? pull pile of dirt more and more, and nothing can be traced. Sometimes the signal is completely lost and at times is clear and clean. I had to have something in hand several times and still cannot find it . A friend took PRO-FIND 25 pinpointer out of the bag - try this... I turned on the magic wand and started to run his pile. Pinpointer squirmed and squealed and I held it in the palm of something. Small Plate, tiny wheel... almost nothing.

For that day we managed a few nice finds. Old gold ring with ruby ​​, four arzenbronzové medieval buttons, lead seals, old svátostku with a cross and a few copper coins. most Importantly for me, are the discoveries of silver ore and tiny crystals of silver. As icing on the cake is a beautiful coin from 1627 and my little nothing - which under the microscope showed a small silver Gresle. It's my least finding.

I would like to say thank you Minelab for your great work - I love CTX 3030 and very happy every day when we go out to hunt, proves that it was the right choice.

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