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Metal Detector Treasure Finds, Pictures and Stories

There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!

8" Concentric Excelerator Coil Finds Gold 9" Down

I've been piddling with the 8" concentric Excelerator coil for the last few hunts and I must say it has been serving me well. I was a little skeptical at first because it is the only concentric coil on the market for the explorers...and I never see much posted about it. I know full and well that the double d coils are the ticket for mineralized ground...but depending on your area...if you have some ground that isn't too bad..this coil might help you out. I put a few hours on it during 3 different hunts and it did well for me.

I will say this... you have to absolutely CREEP with this coil while also overlapping your swings in order to get it to work some magic. However if you DO those two will probably sniff out some goodies missed by even the small double D least it did for me.

The key to this coil for me was to use it where I knew the trash was deep...and the goodies were even a little deeper. Because of the concentric shaped signal it "shoots" down into the ground...the deepest detection point is a tiny little an upside down sno-cone. It didn't do too well for me in normal to shallow trash...I assume because the detection path was too big....BUT it killed for me where the trash was deeper...and that is one fact I definitely noticed.

Once I figured that out I started finding stuff... and realized what it was capable I tried quite a few lower conductor hits as well. The SWEET 14k gold religious charm came from right at 9" down and had two pieces of junk in the hole with it. This is the find that really opened my eyes because the junk was right at the 8" depth level...yet the tiny detection point nailed it an inch deeper.

I then hit a few spots that I knew had some good stuff hiding in the 8" to 10" level..but also had some deep trash too. The "black Roosie" came from the "sandpit" that Phil, Dave, Brad, and I have hammered for months now...and was every bit of 10" down. Funny thing about the sand long time hunting buddy Phil was the first to pop an old black silver out of there after we hammered it many times.

Since then that little spot has given up 12 black silver to me. Two or three hunts with nothing...then the next trip it will cough one up. I will definitely be putting some time on this coil because I do have some sites here in IL that are not highly mineralized. I usually like to do a very detailed report when I use or test a coil...flag possible targets...etc...but then again there are times where I just try to explain how, why, and where the coil can be a weapon for you. With mid 90 degree temps....lots of stress...lots of grass to mow...changes to my life...etc...this is what you're gettin'

Is it gonna' become my main coil? no...because you would have to beat me with a ball bat until I'm take my 10 x 12" SEF coil from me. I'll guarantee you though...that I'll crack you from one knee and take it back. That's how much I like it. This 8" concentric coil is a nice weapon though...and as I stated....can be very effective in situations and conditions as I described...and I WILL be using it.

It just amazes me that each coil is capable of finding stuff missed by other coils for different reasons and in different situations. This 8" concentric coil is no different ...and I was able to point out some keys to you as to how...and why it worked for you can convey those points to your own hunting should you decide to try one.

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