X Factor, Luck, Fate or All Three

By: Anonymous

Yesterday I was searching a site in Cambridgeshire when I discovered a sword scabbard chape (pictured right) most likely dating to the 16th C. Remarkably it appears to have a small section of the sword still in situ, as this has corroded into two large granular iron oxide masses on each side. Now some 10 years ago a colleague found one of those strange 10-11th Century Anglo Scandinavian scabbard chapes that look, like contorted little dragons on this site as well. Since a chape had just been found the conversation was about all things sword related for a few minutes and then we got on with searching.

However this morning we returned to the site and I started approximately where the Anglo Scandinavian find was made all those years before. In fact I was actually thinking about the object when the E-TRAC gave a superb positive signal... call it the X Factor, Luck, Fate or all three...


as I was soon holding another Anglo Scandinavian sword scabbard chape (pictured left), almost identical to the one found previously. Could it be that eleven centuries before a small skirmish took place here between locals and a band of Vikings? Or does this simply indicate a small market site and the incredible lengths of trade routes through which coins and objects may pass... No one will ever be able to confirm the exact reasons for the loss. But one thing that is able to be confirmed about their finding and that is thanks to a superb Minelab product both artefacts have been saved and will now be conserved and published for all to see... thanks to everyone at Minelab... Cheers Jules