Wyoming Meteorite Metal Detecting Find

By: Justin C.

The other day I was metal detecting near a River bridge going through my home town. It started out fairly the same, finding your usual junk metal that probably came from the construction of the bridge at one time. Then all of a sudden I got a hit with my whites gmz that is always in all metal mode. Now, one thing was I was fairly new with this gmz and took in some advice from an old timer that gold was going to sound like iron. Well, back to my story. So I get this hit and to my surprise dig up this rock like object that I knew was not welding junk from the construction of the bridge. So I take the rock like object home and clean it up and put a refrigerator magnet to it and it stuck. To my surprise I new right away I found a meteorite. Well, for know you take care Kellyco and until next time.