Winter 2013 Finds

By: Anonymous

I decided to take stock of my winter finds recently. I only beach hunt and these are my finds. It took a whole morning of sorting and counting. With a little bribery I even got my kids and fiancé to help sort and line up the coins. The pictures represent finds from March 2013 to end of Oct 2013.The ingots are what happens to the sinkers I find. The kids love playing with them thinking they are real silver bars. The pot in the picture was dug out of the sand on an old beach at a depth of about 500cm; it came complete with lid and a spoon!

The CTX 3030 is a monster on the beach; I was even finding small fragments of gold from jewellery that had broken up over the years. The coin total is about 1300, gold rings and other gold approx 40 grams, lots of silver coins and pendants, not to mention piles of costume jewellery and other odds. These finds represent many hours of digging and travelling to remote and local beaches all in the quest for what lies in the sand.

What a great adventure. Summer is on its way and our beaches will be visited daily now, let the good times begin!

winter-2013-finds-1 winter-2013-finds-2