What An Afternoon

By: Anonymous

I had some time to pass this afternoon and since I have had my CTX 3030 I have not made the time to hit the sov patch. I called up Ed and asked if he would like me to give him a run down on his new CTX 3030 as he is heading away soon, and would be taking it with him but still not having a understanding of all the setting. Ed replied, for sure, where we heading. I said lets hit the sov patch as that would be the best place to hit some good silver targets as we have all done very well there.

Once we got there we could not believe how much water was around, it was everywhere and it was going to be very muddy so on with the gum boots. Fired up Ed's CTX 3030 and set it up as open screen with two tone Fe and away we went. I had only walked 50mtrs from the cars and I started to hit targets with a few bass nails and lead. I moved on a bit more and then, what a sound, a very strong 12-30 right on the nose and would not move.


I called out to Ed, I am sure I have gold. Out with the new camera, turned it on and beep, beep. It turned off, flat battery. Back to the car to put it on charge and out with the back up. Back to the target only to turn it on and it tells me, NO MORE MEMORY LEFT... I had an idea, delete some of the pictures as its not my camera it's the wife's. Who cares about her picture's, I have gold. Delete, Delete and so on and now lots of memory all to myself.

Camera on, dig the hole and yes it's gold just about 4" down in the nice soft mud. Ed's eyes are out of his sockets with a hole lot of words I dare not put up here. Sorry Ed how good is this, first coin for the day and it's Gold . Video the find and up and moving again, and then I find a penny then a silver (six pence) and then only 20 mtrs away a good hit. Yes 12-21, it just can't be, swing swing, yes it is gold for sure.

Camera rolling and dig, whoopy there it is, another Half Sov, with Ed's hair standing tall. He said, I thought you were suppose to show me how to use the CTX 3030, not you show me how you dig up Gold Sovereigns with your CTX 3030. Sorry Ed, you stay here and I will move away over that way so just go slow and I am sure you will find one. So I move on and a few digs for Ed which were to silvers and me another two Penny's. We call it time for a cupper so back to the car.

Good chat with the cupper and an other rundown on the CTX 3030 for Ed. It's was time to hit it again as we were running out of light, back on the field and what, no way. The CTX 3030 just locked on again and yes it was going to be gold. With the plug cut and dirt rolled over, there it is, another Half Sov . Just looking at me and me looking at it in the hole, gold at it's best, bright in colour and just standing out against the dark Black back ground of dirt.

What we ended up with was Ed two silvers and me 4 Penny's, 1 six pence, 1 three Pence and 3 Half Gold Sov's. What an afternoon.

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