Very Exciting

By: Jessica m.

I was out on my boat having a great day when I got a call from the guy who owns our local metal detector shop. He said that he got a call from a couple who were taking wedding pictures an hour before their wedding and the best man happened to lose both the bride and grooms rings somewhere in a field where they were all taking pictures. I got the call at about 4:15pm and the wedding was at 5pm. The field was a 35 minute drive from the lake where I was. I could NOT leave these people hanging as I could not imagine how they felt. I drove back to my slip as fast as I could and drove to the field in the same manner. My hope was to find and return the rings just in time for the ceremony. When I got there, however, it was 5pm on the dot and there was nobody available to show me the area that they were in when the rings were lost. [split] I was given a description of the area earlier and so it was narrowed down to about 150 foot by 150 foot area. I got to it and really gridded out the area. I was using my trusty Excalibur II as I happened to have one stashed on my boat (hey, you never know when you need an Excalibur II on a boat so I keep one there at all times). It took me exactly 28 minutes to locate the two rings and I rushed back to the golf club just in time to see the couple walk out of the ceremony. I slipped the rings to the father of the groom and asked him to wish them all the very best from me. It would have been nice to meet the newlyweds and to get a picture with them but I was dressed in a bathing suit and it would have been really inappropriate. As I was driving away, I saw the couple get their rings back right after they walked out of the ceremony. It was a great feeling for me and even though I didn't get to meet the newlyweds, I felt great about what I did and I didn't need any recognition for it. The Excalibur II has done it again. It is my go-to machine for ring-recoveries as the Excalibur II has become an extension of my body over the past few years. All of this happened after I came across a guy stranded on a jet-ski in the middle of the huge lake today and towed him back in to his house. Hopefully these two good deeds will have put a little something in my "karma-jar" and maybe I will have some good detecting luck come my way soon. I will be getting my CTX 3030 and have a special outing planned for it when I get it, maybe my good deeds will bring me something special on my first outing with my new machine. Either way, I was very happy I got off the lake and helped these people out. Getting married is stressful enough without losing the rings an hour before the ceremony but luckily we have this great hobby available to help others. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the pics. I took them right after finding the rings.