Velox One WW2 Finds

By: Kellyco C.

We arrived at a field with a small tree in the middle of it, this made it look pretty interesting so we decided to use this field (after gaining permission of course!). After looking around as to where to start we decided to start around the tree in the middle as sheep had previously been grazing and this area looked very worn by the sheep. As we walked over to this tree it had started to get dark and there was quite a lot of wind as we were on top of a hill next to the coast, this gave us a chill as we set up. [split] We were still very new at this hobby so we didn't think that we would find much. As I started I decided to try walking in ever increasing circles starting around this tree, I had seen this technique on the internet as a way to concentrate on one area to start with. My partner and son (who was 7 at the time) used his kids metal detector and walked around to see if there was anything laying on the surface. After about an hour or so we got back together and showed what we had found, it was mainly bullet shells from WW2 but I had also dug up a Two Shilling piece. We were going to pack up and leave as it was already dark but something was telling me to stay a bit longer, so I gave it another 10 - 15 minutes and found another couple of bullet shells and something that looked like green glass but I knew that it wasn't as it had set the detector off. The whole journey home I was curious to find out what this 'mystery item' was. When I arrived home I wasted no time in getting to work washing this item carefully, what it showed shocked both me and my partner, it was a roman coin! There is a mans head on one side but his nose has worn away, on the other is a woman who looks like she is holding something in her hand which is at her side. This side is also quite worn and it is not a perfect coin shape as you can see in the picture. This coin remains the most treasured item that I have found.