Velox One at the Beach

By: Kellyco C.

Me and my partner decided two hours before the tide was right in to go to the beach to try my Nokta Velox One on wet mineralised sand again, as I have been having difficulties getting it to ground balance on the beaches round here. The tide was on the way in and we started off on dry sand where there didn't seem to be a lot apart from the odd tent peg and pieces of old drinks cans, but then the detector gave a signal I just had to dig! With my pin pointer I had managed to get a rough idea of where it was but then the hole just kept getting bigger until I got down to stones, black sand and clay which was about 13.5"/34 cm down and what I thought was just a piece of old, broken metal that I dug up appeared to be a lid off something about 7" wide. [split] So we kept moving as the tide was getting closer I thought that I should try a bit closer to the waters edge, as I was going along my detector went off so I had to just try and dig it up before the tide got me. As I was getting deeper the hole kept filling with water and whatever it was giving a signal was still in the hole. I got to about 14" with my arm up to my elbow and the tide filling in the hole just as fast as I could get the sand out, I felt something that just felt like a bit of metal so I grabbed onto it and pulled it out of the hole and to my surprise it was a toy car about 5" long. There was something else was in the hole but I couldn't grab hold of it faster than the tide was filling up, but me and my partner couldn't believe our eyes when I pulled the car out of the hole as we thought we couldn't get Velox One to ground balance on wet sand as we thought it was too mineralised to get a clear signal. We were both shocked to see how deep this machine got especially right on the waters edge.