Valuable OLD Copper

By: Anonymous

This is a 2 part story: Me and a buddy went up to Vermont from Massachusetts for a day of hunting. We had a VERY disappoint start to our day, we ended the day with a big Bang in a farm field. Within the first minute in the field he had found a 1720's King George. Within the next couple of hours we had numerous buttons, and many old coppers. I had a total of 4 old coppers, 2 King George's and the 2 which really stood out from the finds a 1787 FUGIO and a 1799 Large Cent in great condition. I had what I thought was a great day...little did I know...


So I had what I thought was 2 great coins, the FUGIO being worth what I believed to be about $600 and the large cent about $1000...not bad for a day in the field. I was more happy with the FUGIO than the large cent.

This past weekend, and a few months later, snow on the ground and no swinging to be done, I decided to go to a coin show in Worcester, MA to have ANAC grad and slab the coins for me. The man (Paul) from ANAC was amazed by my story of finding the coins and then... after he had looked at the FUGIO, we got to the 1799 Large Cent. He asked what I thought it was worth, I said I figured about $1000, he pulled out the Grey Sheet, and said based on what he believed the coin to be graded at and pointed to the number on the page... $18,500!

It was like making the greatest find in my life all over again! He said it was one of the best he'd ever seen. I can't wait to get them back from ANAC.

My wife will never be able to tell me "No" to going detecting again!