V3i Helps Me Find My First Gold Coin

By: Anonymous

With winter fast approaching and an unseasonable forecast for a high of 68 degree's myself and two of my hunting buddies decided to get out for what could very well be the last hunt of the year. We decided to hunt an old fairground that dates back to the late 1800's. The site is now split between a corn field and woods. This particular site has been hunted hard for at least 30 years.

After 3 hours of swinging the V3i and nothing but bullets and shotgun shells to show for my efforts I noticed my two buddies sitting on a downed tree taking a break which looked like a good idea. I started working my way to the rest area that my partners had scoped out and got a hit of 14 on the VDI with a depth of 4 inches. I normally would have written this off as another bullet but after doing a scan the spectrograph showed very clearly that the 22.5 kHz was dominate over the other two frequencies. Knowing that 22.5 kHz is the range for gold and nickel I decided to dig. To my surprise I found my first gold coin (love token) in over thirty years of metal detecting.

I am convinced that if it would not have been for the V3i and the spectrograph I would not have dug and wrote the target off as just another bullet.