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V3i Finds...I'm Not Done Yet!

By: Anonymous

I always thought I may be interested in metal detecting. One of my good friends at work told me that if I ever decided to get started, not to purchase anything but a White's detector. Well. I purchased another competitors detector. I did OK with it, but always thought I would do better heeding my friend's advice. I decided to sell my "other" detector and upgrade to a White's. I purchased a MXT and immediately saw my findings increase. This is a great machine and was easy to use.

About 6 months later I thought I want a little more from a machine so I purchased a White's DFX. The ability to adjust and change my programs just made things better. My good finds continued to increase. The DFX is a great machine and served me well.


When the Spectra V3 was introduced I was a little hesitant to purchase one until I knew more about this unit. I did research on this machine and read the forums to read reviews on its performance. It was incredible the capability of this machine. I sent mine in to be upgraded to V3i status in May. Got it back within 5 days and have found the following pictures. I used my machine mostly with the 6 x10 coil, and I was using a coin program that I "tweaked" a bit. Pictured are my clad coins. I found my oldest silver coins with this machine, an 1898 Barber dime, and a Canadian 1881 "Vicky" quarter.

I have recently purchased a XLT model too. With the success I have had with the White's detectors, I will continue to hunt, and use nothing else.