Unbelievable Beginners luck? Maybe

By: Jeff Z.

My eight year old son loves to trail along with me on all of my metal detecting expeditions. He anxiously follows behind to see what treasures my Garrett AT Pro will find next. His interest and spark for history has really amazed me for a boy of his age. We live in a small, quaint and very friendly town in WV. About one mile away from our house is an empty lot with a ton of history attached to it. In the late seventeen hundreds our city's founder, Dr. Joseph Spencer, built his home and gave our city its name, Vienna. We have a park named in his honor a few blocks away, but as for the actual spot in which he and his family resided it remains vacant with no recognition unless you know your local history. Over the years, the lot has been searched and searched by avid history hunters and many old relics and coins have since been taken out. It was hunted so much that it was pretty much considered "hunted out". It is just a place I go to to kill an hour or so. For Christmas I decided to get my son a Garrett Ace 150 so at least he could do some hunting himself and to just see how serious he was about the hobby. The first trip out he found a canning jar lid. Not a bad find for a first timer. Especially when the odds are in such favor of a pull tab or bottle cap. About a week later, he was bugging me to go out metal detecting but it was pretty cold. I put him off and put him off until I finally gave in later that afternoon. We only had about an hour and a half of daylight left so what more perfect of a place to go but the old "Spencer Lot". We bundled up, ran out to the lot and put our coils to the ground. Him on one side, me on the other. Twenty-five minutes into it he came running over to borrow my Garrett Pro Pointer. He says, "I've got a good hit Daddy." I gave him my pointer and proceed to hunt. I watched him as he dug his plug and searched his hole. The pointer picked up a large nail which he laid aside. I told him nice try and that those rusty nails can give a good signal sometimes like that. As I got up to walk away he put the pointer back down in the hole and yelled, "There's more!" The next thing I saw was roundness in the hole! Silver roundness! A 1797 one bit Spanish Reale to be exact! Two times out and the boy has already beat my best finds to date. It just goes to show that no place is ever truly "hunted out". Beginners luck? Maybe. Last week he found a 1981 Peso next to a creek. I believe the boy has a talent and I couldn't ask for a better hunting buddy. Jeff and Tristan Zawatsky