Thief Stash Metal Detecting Find

By: Michael A.

I am Mike Warmoth and I have been detecting for about 5 years on and off. I have an interesting story to go along with my finds. I was visiting my Girlfriends parents and decided I'd bring along my Garrett Ace 250 Just in case I had some spare time to detect a small park a block away from their house in Washington State, Lakewood area early DEC 2018, I was unpacking my gear from the car and Gwen's mother asked if metal detectors really work and of course I said they work extremely well. I asked if they would like to see a demonstration, both her mother and step father was very interested. I finished getting my stuff out and fired up my Ace 250 without headphones so they could actually hear the sound of objects being found. Now their house was built in the 50's and well maintained, even the yard is in great condition. As I started swinging on the front side of their house it was less than 5 mins near the side of the house they keep the recycle and trash can the Ace starts going nuts. I sounded literally like a trash pit. I decided to remove both trash cans which sit on red flat landscape bricks. Swinging the Ace again confirms multiple targets across the range, discrim iron. I lifted the bricks out of the way, and starting to swing again and still receiving multiple targets. At this time its time to dig and I didn't even need a pin-pointer, I really did not dig more than 2" and I encounter a black plastic trash bag. As I pull on the trash back it moves out, as I pull it out It starts to come apart but I can feel the drag so I knew there was something heavy in the bag. Eventually I get it all out and discover smaller plastic bags with an assortment of jewelry and many pieces of silverware. We dig the rest up and go into the kitchen and lay the haul on the counter. As it turns out there was about 5-6 gold rings, a couple small gold chains and some silver chains as well as many pieces of very old sterling silver flatware. according to "Replacement LTD" the pattern is from 1904 (St. Louis (Strlg, 1904) by Watson Silver [WTSSTL]) I gave the majority of the jewelry to Gwen's mother I keep a gold lodge ring 10k and an antique Sterling silver chain with a hand painted pendant and the flatware. I am enclosing the pieces I kept. Gwen's mother kept a couple rings and chains the remainder I took her to a gold and silver buyer and they received about $400 the flatware we send in to an online Sterling Silverware company that pays by pattern and individual pieces. Again they received close to $375 for that. I am enclosing a copy of the ring I kept and the necklace. We all agreed this was probably the work of some thief that probably stashed this with the idea of coming back and retrieving it. One day in the near future I do plan on going back and working the rest of their yard for more buried treasure. I hope this encourages someone to get out there and swing a metal detector.