The Virtue Found

By: Anonymous

Summer 2013, a Parisian holidaymaker whilst swimming in the channel of Lake Hossegor (Landes in France ) lost her " Virtue " ring (made by jeweler Mauboussin) of white gold and white pearl set with diamonds, that had been given to her by her husband at the birth of their daughter.


After two days of fruitless searching with her diving mask, on the eve of returning from vacation, she contacted the MNS ( lifeguards) that monitor the bathing area nearby in case someone would find it ... without much hope.

That's when they said to her that the Prospectors Association (Association Detection Gascony Landes, of which I am president ) offers its services free of charge (Operation " Lost and Found ").

Contacted by Isabelle on the same day, I decided to go without delay with her to the site and to pinpoint with the GPS on my CTX 3030 the presumed location of the loss. The area is subject to strong currents and effective searching can only be carried out for 2 ½ hours during low tide in a water depth of five feet.

Conditions became more favourable five days later, I performed the first research assisted by Thierry, also equipped with a CTX 3030, and Gerald, to whom I gave my Excalibur II, two friends of our association. After the first unsuccessful attempt, we decided to resume the search the next day a little further downstream of the first zone and wading after 1 ½ hours, the exceptional jewel is found.

The use of the GeoTrail function of the CTX 3030 was a great help to cris-cross the area well, and to return to where we had finished at the end of the previous day.

Isabelle, who thought her jewel was lost forever, did not believe it.

This recovery was in 2013 and one of the most remarkable 42 recoveries made by the association. This successful research itself was the subject of an article in the local press with the evocative title "The Virtue found".

A grand coup for our actions and association.

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