The Three Brothers Antoniniaus

By: Anonymous

Yesterday afternoon I popped out with Steve my detecting colleague....I allowed him the first look at the CTX 3030 and believe me it was hard not telling him from the time I had it...but I know one cannot do that ...even with best mates.

He was stunned at the real life appearance of the detector..............However the inevitable request for a go....was soon forthcoming and he found a few Roman grots.......afterwards when we got back to the car we used an old bottle of water and cleaned the coins one of the ones Steve found turned out to be an extremely rare "The Three Brothers Antoninianus coin showing Carausius , Diocletian and Maximinus. rare these coins are cannot be overstressed......every time I field test a new machine this bugger does this to me when I let him have ago.....Im sure there is a deeply buried moral issue here Ha Ha