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The Ring That Would Not Get Lost

By: Eddie B.

Sean Hollingsworth was ready to follow in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Thomas Marotti, Past Grand Knight of Del Rosa Council #4488 of the former St. Ann’s Catholic Church, San Bernardino CA. One of Marotti’s prized possessions was his Past Grand Knight gold ring which he wore for many years. Marotti passed in 1998 and his PGK ring was passed along to family members and finally to Gail Marotti, Sean Hollingsworth’s mother. During March of 2021 Sean applied for membership in the K of C, Church of the Epiphany Council #12569, Port Orange Fl. On May 26, 2021, Gail Marotti presented to Sean his Grandfather’s PGK ring as a pre-Father’s Day gift for becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus. Sean was proud to wear his Grandfather’s PGK ring, but unfortunately while surfing with family members at Daytona Beach on Sunday, May 30, he lost the ring in the water. Feeling distraught from the loss of the ring, he prayed for a miracle. The next day, Memorial Day, Eddie Bodigheimer, a member of Knights of Columbus Prince of Peace Council # 8791 and an avid detectorist, was using his Minelab CTX3030 metal detector in the shallow waters near the Daytona Beach Pier. While scanning in about a foot of water, he got a strong signal on his device and after several attempts to dig in the surf and shifting sand, he finally retrieved his target. After rinsing out the sand and shells, he discovered a large gold ring at the bottom of his scoop. At first, he thought it was just a great find, but when he saw the K of C seal and PGK lettering, he knew he had to find the owner. Without a name inscribed inside the ring, Eddie decided to contact DDSK Harold Bennett and request a notification in the K of C newsletter. After receiving the telephone call from Eddie, Harold Bennett, District Deputy #18 of the Florida State Council Knights of Columbus sent out an email to the 3 active Knights of Columbus Councils in his District. Coincidentally, that same day, Stanley Hetrick FICF Insurance Field Agent was briefing Sean on the benefits that the Knights of Columbus provide, and during casual conversation Sean told Stan the story of his lost ring. When Stan returned home, he found an email from the K of C regarding a member’s ring that was found at the beach. Now the emails really began to fly! Stan forwarded the e-mail to Sean who immediately contacted Harold who then called Eddie. All three were stunned that the ring could actually be returned to its rightful owner so quickly. Eddie phoned Sean who was able to describe the ring in detail and where he had lost it. DD Bennett made arrangements for Eddie and Sean to get together to exchange the ring and on June 6th, Eddie was honored to return the lost ring to a very grateful and emotional Sean. In case you are wondering, yes, Sean does believe in miracles. "

Image of Minelab CTX-3030 Metal Detector with Ring with Watermelon Rivoli Faux Gem at Center on White Background